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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My Favorite Apps

Blogathon Post 5/30

Today is theme day for the Blogathon and the theme is "What's your favorite apps?". I can really go crazy with this one as I am an app fanatic. I love software!

I log my running on 5 apps...yes 5 and then I also keep an update of my running plan with a planned vs actual distance sheet in Excel.

I'm just going to mention each app here with a short description and how I use it. I am busy with a few detailed reviews and will post that when I get it done.

1. Runner's Studio - My absolute favorite app. I am a real stats geek and this app gives me all the detail I want. The best part of Runner's Studio is that I can use it fully off-line. That is very important for me as I often check stats and do graphs and queries when off-line.

2. Polar Pro Trainer - Not my number one favorite but this is what I use to get my data from my Polar RS800 to my PC. It does have some very useful graphs and is great in the heart rate department.

3. MovesCount from Suunto - The latest version of the app is really good and by far one of the best out there. This is what I use to get my data from my Suunto Ambit to my PC. Downside here is that it is online and I have to upload my workout to the site and then export from there to my PC. I do love the look and feel of the Suunto application and site. Very useful with great apps to add on to the default.

4. TrainingPeaks -  I really use this site as my main online storage space. It also includes some great graphs and stats that no other online site can compare with. The dashboard view is fantastic and I love the Performance Management Chart, one of the best features in the app.

5. Dailymile - I log my workouts in Dailymile because it is the best tool to interact with other runners from all over the world. I also use Dailymile to post my workouts to Facebook and Twitter. I participate in some of the challenges on Dailymile and enjoy doing this with runners from other continents.

That's my five running apps. I also use a few other apps that I want to mention.

1. Paint.net - For me the best Photoshop alternative and it is completely free. One of the best free apps out there for sure.

2. Notepad++ - I rate Notepad++ as the best editor and use it for various languages. It is perfect for the scripting and programming I do.

3. Snagit - This is a great screen capture tool and I make use of the feature to select which part of the screen I want to capture a few times daily.

4. IrfanView - Still a favorite after many years. I use IrfanView to view my photos and select which ones I want to use on my blog or upload to Facebook.

5. MS Excel - I have to mention Excel. I use it all day, every day and it does not have a spreadsheet equal out there. Probably one of the most successful apps ever developed.

There you have it! My favorite apps. What is yours?


Kate Geisen said...

Facebook! I guess technically it's a site, but that's the app on my phone that gets the most use. For running/biking, the Garmin and Daily Mile sites.

Kovas Palubinskas said...

For running my GarminConnect, but otherwise social media, mostly Twitter

it's all about pace said...

nice list Johann...

I use Training Peaks to interact with my coach... but I don't really like it that much...

planning to check out some of your recommendations.


Liz said...

I don't use any apps as I have an old phone! But I'm impressed by your Blogathon commitment - how do you find the time to run so much and blog?! I'm finding it hard to post once a week at the moment...

misszippy said...

I am so behind when it comes to using apps. But you listed some interesting ones that I might have to join the modern world for!

Robin said...

No apps for me but like some of those sites on the internet. Dailymile for sure.

Char said...

One of my favourites is Find the Loo. It does what it says - finds toilets for you when you're caught short.

ajh said...

I like the sound of Char's favorite. I like WWF because I love scrabble. I also like my blog ap because I can check it wherever I want.

Michael said...

These are great! I LOVE SnagIt! Thanks for giving me some new ideas :)

Christina said...

I use Snagit at work too and it is a favorite of mine. I'll have to check out notepad since I've never heard of it.