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Saturday, 29 June 2013

My Blogathon Experience

The blogathon ends tomorrow and I can't believe another month has gone. I am glad I decided to participate and I am really happy with how it went for me.
It was quite a challenge to post every day but I did and in the end it wasn't all that hard to think of what to post. For me the real challenge was to find time every day to write a post. Between work and life in general this was easily the hardest part for me.

I did the blogathon mostly to get my head around writing a bit more. I am glad to say I definitely achieved that. I have a writing project that I need to get into gear soon and the blogathon certainly provided motivation for this.

As far as blogging goes I think I have seen that I will never try to write a daily post. I might post a little more than before the blogathon, but I don't see myself posting every day.

I suppose it depends what you look at. The blogathon did increase the number of hits my blog gets daily. However, the number of comments per post decreased quite a bit. I have always found that with my blog. If I leave a post a little longer before I post the next one, it gets more comments.

So it depends on what is important for you...more hits or more comments? Personally I don't mind all that much as I don't try to make any money with my blog, in which case I suppose more hits/traffic would be important.

I think I prefer more comments above more hits. It feels more personal. I've met some amazing people through this blog and I am now friends on Face Book with many of them and regular e-mails are written between a lot of us. I really have great friends from all over the world because of this blog.

Participating in the blogathon was certainly beneficial and I have made a few more friends. I think it was definitely good for my blog. The only negative for me would be the fact that many of my good blogging friends missed a lot of the posts because there were just too many too often.

The same applies from my side. It is difficult to read someone's blog every single day. I don't often have the time to go back to catch up on earlier posts and I think we all are in the same boat. Maybe it is different for people who makes a living from writing and reading blogs and other articles, books or whatever else.

So my verdict...

The  blogathon was fun and challenging at the same time. I wanted motivation for writing and thinking more about writing and like a writer. I achieved all of that 100%. I do encourage you to participate next year and I will also do so if my job and life allows the time.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be part of the 2013 blogathon. I achieved everything I wanted and learned a lot.

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Nicole Orriëns said...

At first I thought: 'Why would anyone wanna do this?' but it sounds interesting. I agree that not posting daily is better to get comments.

However posting daily on one of my other blogs gets me more visitors. And that's beneficial for my Google Adsense income.