"I'd rather be seen on my bicycle than on a park run" - Quote from the dark side

Monday, 28 November 2011

RAC Tough One - Short Feedback

Hi all

I'm crazy busy at the moment so just a quick summary of Sunday's 32km (20 mile) race.

I had a great run! The weather was not bad at all and it was not as warm as it sometimes is in November. There was also some wind that cooled things down a bit.

I was taking things slow and easy, just hoping for a sub 4 hour finish. At halfway I was feeling so good I could hardly believe it and this was the same a few kms later.

I kicked things up a bit and ran a 12min negative split! Yep, I ran a negative split! Something that hardly ever happens to this slow runner.

I finished in 03:27:09 and is very happy with that.

Detailed report with photos as soon as I have the time.

Work is crazy and then there is a wedding on 14 January that I will tell you more about at some stage. :D

Have a super week everyone!

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Charity Announcement

Hi all! Sorry for being so absent but things are really crazy on my side. Good news is that running and everything else in my life is going well and strong.

I have joined the Sudan4Jesus team for the 2012 Comrades Marathon. Joining a religious charity was not planned but literally shown to me as being where I was needed. I've never been ashamed to tell people I'm a devoted Christian and it is time to give back in the way I love to what matters in my life.

To me this is a leap of faith and doing so publicly is also part of what I need to do. I know some people won't like this and that's just to bad for them. I'm not changing and this blog is not changing but I will certainly give the space and time required to this journey. Sudan is probably one of the worst places for anyone to live on our planet. If I can make a difference I will.

I'm running the RAC Tough One (32km/20miler) this coming Sunday. It is one of the harder races around but I'm really looking forward to it. I will be running in my new club vest for the first time. The club t-shirt I've been running in is just to warm for summer racing. Even if I don't run good I will at least look good!

Happy running everyone!

Friday, 11 November 2011

A Foto For Friday

A lot of you would have seen this photo of Oscar Pistorius (South Africa's Blade Runner) on Face Book. It inspires me so much I want to share it here as well.

Have a great Friday and super weekend all!

Monday, 7 November 2011

MIA for all the right reasons

I’ve been MIA a bit and I do apologise. I do have some excuses though.

The two of us…

…have been so busy with these two…

…and these two…

…as well as this guy…

…that I’ve been out of the blog loop for some time.

Add to that the 7 dogs, 4 cats and zillions of fish and you can see why things have been a little crazy.

I also took ownership of this…

…and all this is part of the upcoming plan to get all the above into one happy family. Yep, things are moving here by me.

Between it all running is still going well and I’m training quite hard for some upcoming races. In general I can really say life is good.

Hope life is good there by you as well!