"I'd rather be seen on my bicycle than on a park run" - Quote from the dark side

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Powerade 60km Cycle Challenge

This past Sunday Anette and I rode the 60km Powerade Cycle Challenge at Stonehaven on the banks of the Vaal river. It was another very hot day with the temperature climbing to 34°C (93F) when we finished.

The venue is great and parking, toilet and registration was a breeze. We prefer arriving early enough to get everything done while remaining in relax mode.

Standing at the start the sweat was already running down our backs.

The races we are currently doing are all training rides for the 94.7 Cycle Challenge we are doing on 15 November. This race was excellent training. The route was not too hard but just enough to keep you working all the time. Add the heat to that and it was quite a hard one.

Typical scene from the route.

Anette is still battling a bit with her foot that she broke last December and sometimes it is still sore and not flexible at all. She finished some rehab for the foot last week. She was fighting some pain in her leg and even hip all the way and I am very proud of her for toughing this one out in the hot conditions.

Anette on her way, now using the road bike.

The route took us into the country side of the Vaal Triangle area. It was an out and back route with the turnaround point a few kilometers after crossing the Vaal river into the Free State province.

Crossing the Vaal river.

Into the Free State province.

Typical Free State.

I loved the route and the scenery and really enjoyed myself. I am getting more and more confident on the bike and can feel I'm building some strength and fitness.

There wasn't too much traffic although some cars were speeding past us as if we were not there at all. There were also quite a lot of motorbikes flying past at high speed on their way to the town of Parys, where lots of them flock to over weekends. I am getting better with the traffic zooming past from behind although I still prefer facing traffic as I do when running...

Bridge over the N1 highway.

We stopped at the turnaround point for some Powerade and to fill our water bottles. Then we were on our way back enjoying the route and views. I found the way back easier than the way out although the last few kilometers were tough and very hot.

Anette arrives at the turnaround point - 30km done, 30km to go.

On her way back.

Crossing the river back to Gauteng.

River view.

We finished on a downhill and got a nice looking medal. Somewhere on the last part Anette had to stop to adjust her shoe. She was up against it during the last part but she persevered and finished. She changed from the mountain to the road bike a week ago and that also had some affect on her legs and muscles.

Why does the finish banner also say Ambulance...?

Overall I felt extremely happy and really had a great ride. Anette had some difficulties but toughing it out and finishing gave her a huge boost. The heat made everything harder than usual but as part of training it was good.

My 3rd cycling medal! Who would have guessed that a year ago?

Profile - not as flat as the route appears to be.

Happy training everyone and thanks for reading!