Over training is over rated, rest better so that you can train even more" - Nick Yster Bester

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Final preparations for my 48 hour race

The 10 day and 6 day circuit race runners are still going strong. We've had quite a lot of rain here in Johannesburg the last few days but the track is actually still looking good.

My tent is up and waiting for me to move in...

My home for the weekend.

View to the right,

View to the front.

View to the left.

The orange cones in the photo above is at the medical tent. Not far from my spot...just in case... :)

Medic at our service.

I register tomorrow and will move all my goods into my tent, although I will still sleep at home in my own bed tomorrow evening. Friday 10AM is almost here...

My high level list of goodies is below. The detailed lists are very long. I will rather refer to the items as I use them in my race report.

Cooler boxes
Non-running clothes
Non-running shoes & flip-flops
Running gear and bags
Toothpaste & brush
Food & drinks
Gas cylinder
Plates, mugs, glasses
Medic kit
Reading glasses
Paper towels
Bug repellent
Suntan lotion
Hats & caps

I actually have 4 lists in total.

Happy running everyone!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Circuit Race Craziness

The Johannesburg Running Festival is in full swing with the 10 Day runners into their 3rd day today. Tomorrow sees the start of the 6 Day race and then it will be my turn on Friday when the 48 Hour race starts. There will also be a 24 Hour race as well as a 12 Hour day race and a 12 Hour night race.

A typical circuit race scene. I love this!

Yesterday I popped in at the track for some support to the brave 10 Day runners... or is that totally crazy 10 Day runners...

I also used the opportunity to walk the track and see what the loop of 471m is all about. It is mostly grass and completely flat. By Friday I don't think there will be much grass left.

I think the whole lap will look something like this by Friday.

As usual Eric Wright, the RD, is putting on a great race and he and his wife's efforts are amazing. All for the love of this wonderful sport. They really go out of their way to make each runner's experience as enjoyable as possible.

Have to know what time it is...

Lap counting and time keeping.

Pool for those really warm hours.

Having a look around also helped me to make sure my list of what to bring is as complete as possible. One thing I've learned from these long races is that I would rather be there with hundred things I don't need than without one thing I do need. My list is long... I will post it some time this week. I wrote it in Afrikaans and need to translate it first.

I also had a look at what is typically provided at the feeding station. The race provides a feeding station with Coke, Powerade and a few different treats to eat. This is a combination of sweet and salty snacks.

Lots of nice treats!


Conversion charts - number of laps to kilometers.

I also chatted to some of the 10 Day runners I know. These guys are really brave and have very strong minds. In the process of chatting to them I kind of committed to doing the 6 Day race next year... We'll see about that :)

This is likely to be the spot where my tent will be.

So I am now even more excited and really getting my plan together. The atmosphere at an event like this is very unique. 4 days to go!

Have a great week everyone!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Psyching up for the 48 hour race

Ten days to go to the 48 hour circuit race and I am getting really excited! It is a mental game and that is exactly what draws me to these type of events. The mental battle a circuit (or lap) race throws at you.

I am preparing my mind more than my body for this. I've been asked a lot of times how do you train for a race like this? How do you train for a multi-day event?

My short answer is you don't. You just do your normal long runs as normal ultra training. I like to do some really slow runs with lots of walking between the running, There will be lots of walking so I like to train for that as well.

Physically I don't think you can do much more. I will certainly add more back to back long runs and more runs on tired legs to the mix. Other than that I think the battle is all in the head.

I like to do more loop type runs than normal. 10 x 1km instead of 1 x 10km for instance. I've been doing most of my runs as loops the last two months. I don't know if it really makes a difference, but if my head tells me it does that is all I want.

Thinking or feeling I am mentally prepared is a win. I am feeling like that currently and that is good. I am feeling ready to go and run round and round and round for two days.

The 471m track.

I am not in the best of shape but I am not in bad shape either. The broken toe is healing well and I am almost pain free. It is uncomfortable but that is something I can live and run with. By next week it should be almost back to normal.

I will go and give my support at the start of the 10 day race this Saturday and the same for the start of the 6 day race next week. That is the final part of my mental preparation. Being at the track and watching the runners in the long races doing their thing. That will get me to the start of the 48 hour race on the 19th with my head exactly where and how I want it.

I will post details of my planning and prep for the run over the next few days. This is circuit running and I love it!

Happy training everyone!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Forced Rest & Taper

On 19 December at 10:00 in the morning I will start the 48 Hour Circuit Race at the Johannesburg Festival of Running. Last night I made sure that I will get proper rest and taper.

I kicked a brick while playing with the dogs and broke the middle toe on my right foot. I am not pleased with myself...

Happy training...or resting...or tapering!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Alberton 10km Race Report

I don't run 10km races very often but when I get the chance I really enjoy them. It was the same yesterday at the Alberton 10km road race.

Waiting for the start.

My initial plan was to run 20km at home on Saturday and then the 21.1km half marathon on Sunday for a 41km weekend. Some commitments changed my plans for me so I ran 30km at home on Saturday and the 10km race on Sunday to give me the 40km I needed for the weekend.

On our way!

It was a lovely morning and everyone was happy that the race started nice and early at 6AM. The temperature was perfect and some clouds kept it just right for both races. Alberton Athletic Club always puts on a very well organised race and this year was really good yet again.

Great to be running a road race again.

There was a descent turnout and I enjoyed seeing many friends at the start and along the way. I haven't run a road race for a very long time now and I enjoyed being back.

I was told more than once me running a road race was the reason for the clouds rolling in.

My plan was a slow run on tired legs in preparation for the 48 hour race I'm running from 19 - 21 December. I did exactly that although my legs were not tired after Saturdays 30km. This is great news! There is hope for the 48 hour!

Running past a local church.

A typical neighborhood run.

I felt stronger and stronger as the run went on. Between 4 and 5km I started feeling very good and at 7km I was feeling great! Between 8 and 9km I was feeling super and I finished feeling very strong and not tired at all.

Winner of the double lap half marathon lapping me :)

Onto the fields of the rugby club.

And to the finish!

I am extremely happy with my weekend's 40km and even happier with how I'm feeling today...ready for more running!


Another race and medal in the bag.

My final prep for the circuit race is now here and my excitement is really building. I will keep you up to date.

Happy training everyone!

Monday, November 24, 2014

November Update

And here we are in the last week of November already! Crazy but true! Life has been busy and I haven't been around blog land as often as I would like to be.

The good news is that running is going well and I am training hard and often. It looks like I will be running 2 races before the year is gone. A 10km this weekend and then the 48 hour circuit race in December. Exciting for sure!

A busy schedule so I'm in for the 10km only.

I'll be slogging along for 48 hours in December.

My son Rohann finished primary school last week. Seven years that really flew by. Now 5 years of high school is waiting. Rohann is very excited. He is only sad that he will not be going to school barefoot again!

Grade 1 to grade 7 -  2008 - 2014

Last barefoot schoolday...

 Happy training everyone!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Frik The Legend

I ran my first road race in 1981 and did most of my running in the 1980's and 1990's. At every race there was one face I always saw. It is still the same today. Frik is always there.

Frik du Preez is one of South Africa's running legends. This past weekend he ran his 2000th official race. This is Frik's Facebook entry:

2000th race done and dusted - 176 x ultras, 225 x marathons, 142 x 32km, 702 x 21km, 334 x 15km, 331 x 10km, 90 x orther = 54417.8km

54417,8 official race kilometers! Wow,,,that is all I can say. And yes...that is 702 half marathons!

Frik, I salute you. 2000 races is a goal I have as well. But I have a long way to go...

There are so many photos of Frik around it was impossible to select something specific. So I'm just posting a random few.

A few medals.

In the 1980's we got badges for races and not medals.

Frik and his "dog", Bottel.

700 half marathons done!

Marshalling at the Colgate 32/15km.

Some permanent numbers.

What he does when he is not running.

A young Frik at the Harrismith Mountain Race.

Congratulations Frik! You are a true legend and a great inspiration.