Over training is over rated, rest better so that you can train even more" - Nick Yster Bester

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Throwback Thursday - A Tribute to the Badges

Back in the day, I'm talking the 1980's here, we received a badge when we completed a race...not a medal. I have many badges. We used to fill our tracksuits and towels and blankets with our badges.

I have more medals than badges now, but I must admit...I miss the days of the badges,...

Those were good days!

Happy running everyone!

Monday, February 23, 2015

A Sore Leg

Yep, as the title suggests, I have a sore leg. A sore upper left leg. It is not a running injury but an injury from gardening. At least I think it's from gardening.

It is a weird one in the sense that it does not stay in one place. It literally moves around! It will be on the inside and then at some point suddenly on the outside. Then right at the top and then suddenly just above the knee...

It is definitely not specific to a particular muscle. I am actually worried that it might be the femur bone itself. I've asked all the powers that be and the first step is rest for a week to see if there is any improvement. I am in the middle of that week now and I am getting worried. I can still feel it as I did on day one.

All in all very annoying indeed! But I will persevere and get it sorted out. That's all I can do. Hopefully rest can do what is needed.

In the mean time,..run strong my friends!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Throwback Thursday - Tribute to Dad Edition

My wonderful father turned 85 years old yesterday. As you know by now, he is my greatest running inspiration.

My throwback Thursday goes to 1999 when I ran a race with him for the last time. We were joined by my brother and his wife.

Linda, André, Dad and me.

Dam with hippos in the background.

Happy 85th Dad! What did he do for his Birthday? "I took the day off work and also the day after that." Bet you not many can say that on their 85th birthdays...

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Mantaining a fitness base

Yes, I'm still alive! I even ran 15km the other day!

Life is super busy at the moment but I am running as time allows. That is what brings me to the post title. Maintaining a fitness base.

I have always been a hardcore believer in maintaining a base level of fitness all year round. In the good old days this level for me was to be ready to run a marathon or 50km race whenever I felt like it and then just build up towards the long ultras as required.

I'm a lot older now, but I think it is still possible if I keep the times I complete my runs in realistic. But I am very far from that at the moment. I'll build towards it, but it is a long way off,

I have very limited time at the moment so my runs are short. Not more than 10km during the week and between 10km and 15km on the weekends. This is not great but it does maintain my base fitness well.

I believe running regularly is the most important, even if it is shorter distances. The base you build will be enough to finish much longer races than you can imagine. You might feel it in your legs afterwards, but you will be surprised at how much a good base means.

So go out for that run! Even just a short one. Do it, don't skip it.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Three things Thursday - Starting 2015

1 - My wife Anette started the New Year with a broken foot. She is now in "The Boot" and time and nature must take its course for healing to happen. The worst is over but it is still a pain in the butt.

2 - My son Rohann started high school yesterday and we look forward to the 5 year journey ahead. This is a new phase in our lives and I'm sure it will be great.

3 - We adopted two stray pets last year to add to our already not so small collection... Smiley the dog and Gogga the cat has settled in wonderfully. In fact, the two of them start 2015 as good friends.

How is your year starting? I hope it's all good!

Happy running!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

It's 2015!

Another year is done but that means a new one is waiting...

A big THANK YOU to all the readers and followers of my blog. I really appreciate the support.

I plan to have a very exciting and interesting year so hopefully I can keep the blog exciting and interesting as well.

A few running goals for 2015:

1. The Forest Run 60km
2. Sky Marathon
3. Rhodes Ultra (I got an invite!)
4. Run The Berg 50km (2 x 25km days)
5. Jannas 18 hour circuit race
6. 48 hour or 6 day circuit race

Those are my main goals for the year. As usual I will run a few more races as training for the above.

My motto for 2015 is "Make The Most Of Every Moment".

Let's do it!

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

48 Hour Circuit Race Report

It's been 3 days since the end of the 48 Hour Circuit Race and I better get this report done before Christmas comes and goes...

In short - it went very well and I achieved all the goals and expectations I had. Yes, I'm finishing 2014 on a high!

My home for the 48 hours.

I went into this race in what was probably my worst shape and state of fitness in more than 10 years for December. After a year of missing goals and races I was not going to cancel or withdraw from the race. Instead I just lowered my goal a bit.

A few handshakes before the start.

My goal was to run at least 120km. This was always the minimum requirement for the 48 hour race so I thought it would be a good goal to aim for. I ran 123.9km and I am very happy! I also stayed within my limits and  I am happy to say I have no injuries or any other serious discomforts after the race and training for January will continue as planned.

End of lap 1.

My plan was to literally pace myself to cover "only" 120km during the race. This meant I could rest during the hot hours of the day and could run when I felt ready and good.

The start was warm and dry.

5 Laps done and all good. I finished with 263 laps.

From the start I just kept going at my own pace with my own race and goal to focus on. As soon as I started feeling uncomfortable  I would slow down and take on food and fluids. Just before I got really tired I would stop for a rest. I never started running again before I felt recovered and well rested.

Taking a break in my tent.

Starting again after a rest break was probably the hardest part of my race. Sore legs and feet became a reality at some point, but I soon found that it took about two and a half 471m laps to sort me out, moving on to the next milestone.

There was not a moment I felt bored...

6 and 10 day runners.

Always someone to follow...

Always someone to see...

Milestones came in the form of number of laps completed and kilometers run. As one lap was 471m there was a bit of math involved to calculate kilometers done. Luckily the wonderful RD, Eric Wright, had conversion tables at hand that made it easy.

Lap to km conversion tables.

Eats and drinks were well stocked 24/7.

RD at the counting station.

The first 24 hours was not too bad but the 2nd 24 had a few mental battles with lack of sleep definitely playing a part. By now I was also quite sore as this was by far the longest run I have done in a very long time. I was very happy that my son Rohann joined me for the last 30 hours for support and help. He didn't sleep at all and was always there when I needed anything.

I loved the night hours!

100km done!

110 done! This was my best part of the race.

I knew my lack of fitness and general bad shape would not be able to recover from a bad patch so I took my breaks just as I started feeling that bad patch coming on. It worked like a dream and I was ticking over the kilometers slowly but surely.

We changed direction every 8 hours.

I could always smile!

I made sure I ate properly and had quite a lot of soup at night with proper breakfast in the mornings. Coffee was also great during the colder morning hours. Still, this is mid-summer here in Johannesburg and the heat was actually the worst enemy. I just planned my run to avoid spending too much time in the burning sun.

Rohann always ready to help.

Get out and run!

I completed my planned 120km with 3 hours and 10 minutes of the race remaining. It was perfect! I did not waist energy on pushing for more laps and just did a few with friends, including one last victory lap,

120km done! Goal achieved!

48 Hours and 123.9km (263 laps) complete.

The race itself was incredible with Eric and his wife Marlene doing an outstanding job to make everything for everyone perfect. Everything was super! There were plenty support and lots and lots to eat and drink all day and night. These guys really go out of their way to put on a fantastic event. Well done and thank you to each and everyone that make this race happen.

Happy and relieved to be done. Thanks Rohann!

My race was part of the Running Festival Johannesburg and there was 10 Day, 6 Day, 48 Hour, 24 Hour, 12 Hour Day and 12 Hour Night races. All put on by RD Eric Wright. All were fantastic!

Receiving my trophy from Eric.

With some fellow 48hour crazies. Brian next to me won the race with 203km.

Although I did "only" 123.9km I am extremely happy with myself. Not many 51 year old slow plodders can boast that they have done this or can do this. It is still a great achievement. It is exactly what I needed to end the year and go into 2015.

Personalized goodie bag with name and race number.

T-shirt and cap.

Sock tan... :)

Rain jacket.

Trophy and distance certificate.

I will be back next year. The question is for which race. I have my eye on the 6 day, but I would also like to do a 200 to 250km 48 hour run... Let's see what I am writing in a year's time :)