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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

How far do you run?

Blogathon post 25/30

I’m asked this question quite often and was asked again yesterday. It usually goes hand in hand with how far do you run every day?

Well, let me answer these questions for you.

How far do I run every day?

During the week I run between 4AM and 6AM in the morning and this is anything from 8km to 17km. I do all my runs during the week on the road.

On weekends I run basically any distance depending if it’s in a race or training. My longest training run on my own was 51km and I’ve done 50km twice in training.

Races can be any distance and goes into answering the other question. 

What is the longest run I’ve ever done?

If we are talking non-stop without sleeping the answer is 173km (107.5miles) in a 24hour race. If it includes sleep breaks it is 689km (428miles) in a 6 day race.

So there you have it...how far have you run?


Char said...

Wow. Just wow.

ajh said...

Holy $%%^%^^. You have run a long ways both with and without sleep. Very impressive.

egb said...

Woah, that is far. I can't even compete!

Liz said...

Well I thought 26.2 miles was a long way until I read this post! Awesome!

Michael said...

Holy smokes! You never cease to amaze me! That's some serious miles there!

Kate Geisen said...

You are amazing. No question.

My longest run in a race is 26.2. My longest training run was 21. These days, 6 miles is a long run for me. I need to try to get out of summer vacation mode and do a couple early morning runs a week.

Christina said...

26.2 miles. I'm such a baby compared to you. I would like to one day run farther but don't have any immediate plans to do so.