"I'd rather be seen on my bicycle than on a park run" - Quote from the dark side

Thursday, 22 May 2014

49 Days And A Button Spider

My running streak came to an abrupt end on Tuesday morning when I woke up to the most intense pain in my head and neck. It was terrifying!

Rushed to ER and was treated and tested for a few things but everything just got worse. All my muscles cramped, blood pressure went up and heart rate soared.

In the end it was determined that I was bitten in the back of my head / top of my neck by a black button spider / black widow.

It was one of the most painful and horrifying experiences I've ever had. Some drips and medication with the anti-venom for the little buggers sorted me out and I am now recovering at home. Every muscle in my body is stiff and my joints feel swollen and stiff as well.

Obviously no running and I've been told to take things easy until at least Saturday. 49 days into my running streak...:(

That's my news today. I hope you all have something more delightful to share.

Have a super day! 

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Why Do I Run?

Do you still get this question? Why do you run? I still get it from time to time and I always think of running blogs when I get it. There are numerous posts around answering that question. Some people often post lists with reasons why they run.

There are so many reasons to run, but do you have one specific reason? One short answer? My short answer is: Because it makes me feel so good..

I honestly love running. I set my alarm for 03:30 on the coldest sub zero degrees morning and still wake up at 03:25 because I am looking forward to my run so much. That is just who I am and how I love my running.

I am still busy with my running streak (43 days) and I've had some interesting comments about it. Although everyone is very supportive I do get a lot of people that raise their concerns about it and give very valid reasons why they don't think it is a good idea to do a running streak.

A very common remark is people saying "there must have been days or even many days you didn't feel like it but well done, you pushed through". NO! I have never felt like I didn't want to run. I never feel that way. In the almost 33 years I've been running I have never felt that way.

Do I love running that much? I think so, but I think I actually love how good it makes me feel. A day without running is just not the same. Sinuses and airways aren't as clear and so is my mind. Running keeps everything clear.

A second remark that I've been getting is that I am obsessed to run every day. NO! I am now free to run every day! I used to have an obsession. I was obsessed that I needed to rest at least one day a week. Even if it meant one day of not feeling great, I always faithfully took my rest day. Now I can relax about it and just run. 

I have not felt the need for a rest day at all. In fact, I just feel so much better on my short run (2.5km) active rest days. Really much better than no running at all.

Yes, I love running. I love it because it makes me feel so good.


This is still the best answer...

Go run today!

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Born to run, forced to work

I was sitting at work this morning staring at the screens below while thinking about running and training and races... 

Then I wondered... do you also sit at work and think about running and training and races? Do you also feel like I do? Born to run, forced to work...?

Have a great day!

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Happy 60th Anniversary To My Wonderful Parents!

Today we celebrate my parent's 60th anniversary! We are so blessed that we can have this day. To the most wonderful two people I know: Happy 60th Anniversary!

1 May 1954.

Two very special people.