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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Everything must be perfect

Blogathon post 27/30

I am someone who likes to pay attention to detail. In my job and with life in general I like it when all the little things are perfect along with the big picture stuff. This definitely applies to running as well. Everything must be perfect.

I am meticulous when choosing new shoes, socks, pants, shirts and even underwear. If it doesn't feel right I won’t run in it. If my socks, underwear or shirts get old and don't feel right anymore I stop running in it immediately.

A few weeks ago I suddenly experienced some chafing in my groin area. I didn’t know what caused it but eventually found it to be one pair of underpants that was showing some wear and tear. This just reiterated the whole case of being meticulous for me. Everything must be perfect and the longer the run the more attention to detail is needed.

Do you pay attention to detail?


Robin said...

I pay some attention to detail but not full attention I guess (if that makes sense). Some things I'm very careful about, others not so much.

MILF Runner said...

It's all in the details. I know that and have lived that. I'm now trying to let some of them slide!

Char said...

Oh yes, worn underwear must be dealt with swiftly and ruthlessly. There's nothing worse than unnecessary undercarriage chafing and the intense, exquisite pain of the first shower.

Lauren said...

We are so much the same in so many ways with running. I laugh when I find out how we are opposite. I will wear any shoes, any socks, any underwear, any hat. About the only thing that I'm picky about are sunglasses. They must not bounce around on the rim of my nose.

Ordinarylife said...

I do, especially with socks. I need new socks all the time! So much so that when my now husband and I first started dating I must have mentioned it - on our next date he bought me a pair of running socks (instead of flowers) - I married him 6 months later