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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

June Happenings

June is here and with it the start of the Gauteng Winter Trail Series. The series consists of 4 trail runs and will be run on the 4 weekends in June. I’ve entered all the races and I’m really looking forward to this. Each race is at a different venue in the Johannesburg/Pretoria region at different nature reserves and game farms. The races are short, between 11km and 16km, but we’ve been assured that the routes will be challenging.

06 June Run 1 – Segwati Ranch, 13 – 15km
13 June Run 2 – Hennops Valley, 11.4km
20 June Run 3 – Thaba Nkwe Game Ranch, 13 – 16km
27 June Run 4 – Pelindaba Nature Reserve, 11.7km

This is great for June as road races were cancelled because the FIFA soccer world cup starts here in SA on 11 June with the final on 11 July. Road races will commence in the 2nd half of July.
I’m training for some marathons and 50km races later this year and will do some longer runs on the Saturdays before the last two trail races. I hope to run the Mont-aux-sources 50km Challenge in the Drakensberg in September and want to get a combination of distance and trail runs in as part of my preparation.
So it looks like June will be a very busy month. I’m really busy at work and will continue my early morning runs through the winter. Johannesburg is one of the cities in the world with the best weather all year and running outside throughout the year is definitely a great advantage. The winter is dry and this makes trail running ideal. The soccer will certainly provide some exciting moments as well.

I’m ready for a great June! What will June be like for you?
Happy running!


ajh said...

Running on game farms sounds very exciting. How nice to be able to run outside all winter! Good luck.

Natalia said...

Those are great races you have lined up! I especially like the sound of the Mont-aux-sources 50km Challenge, as I used to love hiking in the Drakensberg. You are right, Jo'burg has lovely weather in winter, so lucky you...though I don't envy you the humidity. June is going to be a pretty good month....hope to get back on a marathon training schedule, and go on holiday!

wendy said...

Sounds like a great month! What fun races you have planned! June for me is mostly training, both for the marathon (in Oct) and the triathlon (in Aug), but i do have one 5K scheduled to race. It is summer for us and my busiest time of the year. All of the kids are home and their activities are in full swing. I'll be running even when I'm not running : )

The Green Girl said...

Wow, those races sound really exciting. I can't wait to read your race reports.

I really need to start upping my mileage. Between dealing with my injury, being one sick Green Girl this past winter, and trying to work out the shoe situation, I haven't seen double digit mileage in over 6 months!

Beautiful city shot, I can't stop staring at it.

The Green Girl said...
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Giorgio said...

Hi Johann,
This month you are going to run nice races through nature reserves. Although the races are short I hope you'll enjoy them.

The soccer match South Africa against Mexico starts the 11th of June and Italy soccer team will play in your town the 24th of June. This month we'll see your country every day :)

Char said...

I've been looking forward to June all year. My family are huge soccer fans. All three of the boys have played and I've spent many weekends standing/sitting on the side of soccer fields. I can't imagine what the atmosphere must be like over there.

Julie said...

Hi Johann,
I love the races that come in a series. We have the Team Ortho series here in Minnesota...the only difference is that all of the races do not take place in the same month, they are spread throughout the entire year and there are more than four. I think it would be awesome to run a series in one month:) I hope that your month of June delivers wonderful racing memories:) Take care!

Rad Runner said...

OMG is your camera going to be coming in handy! How fun, your June is FULL of speed, and will make a great album :)

Unknown said...

I like hearing about your weather and climate. We might share the same weather, I'm in San Diego and it's nice throughout the year. June sounds like it will be fun for you! I have one race in June and a few in July so I'm excited about those.

misszippy said...

Sounds like some awesome races you have lined up! I envy your fantastic year-round weather. And--the world cup! How much fun is that going to be?

Anne said...

What a great month of June you've got planned!
Ah to have nice outdoor running weather year-round...maybe then I'd consider running a few 50Ks ;) totally kidding :) You are amazing!

Chris K said...

Hi Johan,
I wonder if you have to pay a big "sunshine tax" like we do in San Diego. It's not cheap, but it's sure worth it.

Colin Hayes said...

Sounds like you have some great races coming up. Good luck with your training.
And your June weather sounds nicer than MY June weather...and we're supposedly heading into summer.

Jill said...

I'm so ready for June, too! Race series are so much fun; you see a lot of the same people and you get to see how much you're improving! Have a blast!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi brother
Sounds just great!
I remember those Jo'burg winter morning runs. Freezing at first, but always great in the end!
Enjoy the trails!
I will be working!!

Christina said...

June is the calm before the storm or maybe that was May. In June I have one 5K and Ragnar Relay (184 miles with 12 people) and company staying with us. In July and August I start traveling and while I may be gone more than I'm home, I'm hoping to see some great sites.