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Monday, 28 June 2010

Winter Trail Series - Race 4 Report

Yesterday I ran the 4th and final run of the Gauteng Winter Trail Series. This brings to an end a very well organized and enjoyable series. I received this medal for completing the series.

The run was great and even felt easy compared to the monster climbs and steep descents we had to contend with last week. I had a good run and would say this was my best run of the four in the series. My legs did feel some of the climbs, but I felt great the whole way.

The race was run at Pelindaba next to the South African Nuclear Energy Research Centre…luckily no melt downs! We ran parts along the Crocodile River and there were some beautiful views again. The first few kilometers were run on jeep track which was good to spread out the field before we got to the single track.

Jeep track first few kilometers.

Start of the single track.

Shortly after the single track started we got our first glimpse of the river. It was a beautiful view and I felt excited and privileged to be running outdoors again, enjoying the beauty of nature. We started going down towards the river and the trail became a bit more technical.

1st view of the Crocodile River

I kept it fairly slow as my legs could still feel last week’s monster descents and climbs a little. I also knew we would have to go back up again at some stage. When we got to the bottom there were some tall reeds along the river bank. I was disappointed to see a lot of plastic bags and other items stuck to the reeds in some places. We people sure know how to mess up something beautiful…

A friendly runner took some pics of me along the river and between the reeds.

Not long after this we started the first of a few climbs away from the river. I was enjoying myself and was happy that I was completing the four run series. We ran above, but along the river for some time. It was really beautiful in some places.

Climbing from the river.

Running above the river.

There are a lot of rocks and stones in the area and at some stage the stones formed a sort of natural paving along the trail. There are thousands of very flat stones in this area.

Lots of flat stones...natural paving.

We went down to the river again and ran through some beautiful bush on a very nice trail for some time.

Lovely trail.

Then we started climbing again and once again had some fantastic views from above the river.

Following the trail above the river again.

Stunning views from here.

All too soon we turned away from the river and headed back towards the finish. Here I could see the nuclear research centre and I knew the run was almost over.

Nuclear Energy Research Centre.

There was some downhill to the finish and then the run and the series were done. I was happy and felt great. I’m really glad I did this very pleasant trail series.

The finish of a lovely trail series.

I posted these and a few more photos here.

Have a great running week everyone!


Anne said...

Congrats on finishing the series!! Lovely photos :)

misszippy said...

Nice race to round out the series! Great job.

Giorgio said...

Hi Johann,
After you had climbed a path up hill you saw a wonderful landscape of the Crocodile River valley. Your reports shows that you ran along very nice trail for some time.
I have seen that people in South Africa are supporting Ghana soccer team. If Netherlands won I'd be happy. It's a very interesting team and now, while I'm writing you, Metherlands wins against Slovakia 1 - 0 :)
Have nice training session!

wendy said...

Nice photos and sweet medal! Congrats on finishing all four races : )

Julie said...

Yea, you did it! You finished your series:) I enjoyed your pictures of your lovely run! I love the one of you....you are smiling and look like you are really enjoying yourself! Nice job Johann! So what is next on your racing schedule?

Patrick Mahoney said...

such a great looking run, awesome!

ajh said...

Nice medal! Congrats on doing the whole series. Thanks for running and taking pictures!

The Green Girl said...

Congratulations on completing the Gauteng series!

Your photos are absolutely amazing. The scenery is breathtaking, as always.

You look really good in those pictures, I don't know if I'd still be upright after doing all these races back-to-back!

Sherri said...

AWESOME JOB on completing! I love the pictures! I am always amazed at the great photos you are able to present!
You have truly done everything in running!

Christina said...

Great job and once again, thanks for sharing your awesome photos. What kind of camera do you use?

Rad Runner said...

You are so hard core! So cool! Love the medal ( I am a total medal lover no hideing that! it's my carrot at the end!) Those broken flat rocks remind me of jumping over lava.. (To many Indiana Jones Movies?)

Cindy said...

That's an amazing accomplishment! You are so inspiring. Take care of your legs :)

Alyssa said...

Beautiful! Did you have to run on those flat stones?! I only imagine that would be an accident waiting to happy for me. :P Congrats on completing this awesome series! What an accomplishment!

Jill said...

Perfect race to end up the series. Congratulations!! I love all your pictures, such beauty. And yeah, too bad people have to mess up that beauty, huh?!!! Well earned medal, enjoy it!!