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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Throwback T-Shirt: In memory of...

It seems my current batch of training shirts are retiring at quite a fast rate. This morning I had to dig into my pile of race shirts again for a shirt to add to my "in use" pile. The shirt I picked is very special to me.

1997 Super C Korkie 50km

The Korkie ultra used to be a 56km race between Centurion and Germiston. This was one of my all time favorite races. It was my first ultra in 1985. 

No 1623...my first ultra

Unfortunately the road it was always run on was replaced by a huge highway and the race had to be moved. Finding a 56km route for a race in a city is no small task. The distance was reduced to 50km, but the race just never returned to its former glory. Several attempts were made to save this great race, but it is sadly no more today. 

In 1997 I ran the 50th addition of the Korkie on a circular route between Germiston and the eastern parts of Johannesburg. 

This is a great shirt to have. Not many will be around anymore.

I ran this race with our late friend Madelein. She sadly passed away some years ago. Madelein had Huntington's Disease. Her mother died of Huntington's at the age of 47. Unfortunately she passed the Huntington's gene on to Madelein.

Madelein lived her life to the full, making the most of the time she had. One of the things she wanted to do in her life was to run the Comrades Marathon. She did this and also ran many other ultras. I was privileged to run some races with her, including the 1997 Super C Korkie, where I got the shirt above. 

So today's Throwback Thursday T-shirt I start using in memory of Madelein. We spent many great hours on the road together.

Madelein running the 1996 Om Die Dam 50km

Madelein and I during the 1997 Om Die Dam 50km

We think of you often Madelein, rest in peace friend.

Please click on the link for Huntington's Disease to read a bit about it and spread some awareness about this monster. There is no cure yet.


Kate Geisen said...

What wonderful memories you have to look back on of those races together. I'm sorry about your friend. Time dulls the sadness, but it never goes away.

On another note, I had to smile at your daily mile post about feeling that it's not summer anymore. I love that we have opposite seasons. So fun to hear the differences.

Michael said...

What a beautiful throw back Thursday post. What great memories to have forever!

I had heard of Huntington's Disease before but didn't know that much about it so thanks for sharing the link.

Jill said...

Those are great memories, Johann! I don't save my race shirts but more than a couple years, but those with special meaning must open the flood doors wide. I'm sure your friend is looking down and smiling on what a wonderful friend to all you are!

Char said...

It's great that a simple thing like a T-shirt can bring back such wonderful and bittersweet memories.

coach dion said...

It's aways great to look back to the glory years...

Amy Crawshaw said...

Wow, a lot of memories. So sorry to hear of your friend but it's uplifting to know she did so much despite her illness.

Karien P. said...

Wonderful memories.

Staci said...

Lovely that a race shirt can evoke such memories Johann.

ajh said...

A special post and memories.

I agree with Kate. I always laugh when you post summer is ending when ours is on it's way. I love being friends with people with opposite seasons.

lindsay said...

You have a sharp memory! I love that you have shirts from 97 that are still in brand new condition :)