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Monday, 18 July 2011

Life Running and Questions

Life really caught up with me this past week and weekend. Besides the fact that I got a head cold there were also some family and other issues that needed my attention. The result of this was that I made the decision to skip the race I was going to run on Saturday. No matter how important running and racing may be, family always remains no 1.

I’m not upset about missing the race at all and I did get in some good training from home. I ran 7.5km on Saturday and did a tough 22.5km trail run on Sunday. My next race is on 30 July so not long to go anyway. I will however now only run 4 races in July and not 5 as I planned.

In blogger world I could not escape the Q&A side of things and was tagged by AJH from Age Groups Rock to be part of this. So please ask me anything you want! I’ll be very happy to answer!

Have a super week everyone!


Lauren said...

Okay, I like question games.
Were you born in S. Africa? If not, where were you born? And how many languages do you speak and what are they? Hmmmm, one more thing, do you have a dog?

Robin said...

Definitely agree...family first! There's always another race.

Lauren said...

ps. I hope everything is okay now with your family.

Christi said...

I hope things get better soon both with the family and your health.

What is your "ultimate" race?

Marlene said...

I was recently tagged and need to post this too!

What's the best thing about living in South Africa, and if you could live anywhere in the world, where would that be?

Kate Geisen said...

Agreed on the race. Hope things are good now.

What does your job entail? How long have you been running? Does anyone in your family share your love for running? Where is the farthest you've been from home?

misszippy said...

Good move on the race. There are always more.

Ok, so two questions, one personal, one political:

* Did you start out with road racing at all before getting into ultras?

* It hasn't been that long since apartheid in S. Africa--how would you describe the state of racial relations these days? Has the country made true progress?

Shawn said...

Have you ever travelled off the continent and where?

What is your daily diet like...I mean...North American vs African?

Coldest temperature you have run in?

Thanx for playing along Johann!

Jennifer said...

OK, so if you had a third arm, where would be on your body and what would be it's purpose?

Giorgio said...

Of course, at first family! I hope things are going well now!

I'll run a race on July, 30th too! It's a 10 km race!

Question time :) How much water do you drink before and after a race?

Have nice runs!

Char said...

My questions all revolve around your previous career. How long did you practice as a vet? Where did you study? What was the most interesting animal that you treated? And why the career move?

Boy do I sound like a sticky beak.

ajh said...

First.....I am also geeky early (loved that phrase) to races and was trying not to make my son do this and went too much the other way.

When are you coming to Vermont to do the Ultra 100? That is a very well respected ultra. Just had a write up in the paper about it because I believe it was this weekend.

Do you have a favorite medal?

Detroit Runner(Jeff) said...

Have you visited the states and if so where did you visit and what did you like about it?

Lindsay said...

What sites, cities or things-to-do would you recommend to a tourist coming to S Africa?

What are some weird/different things you read about on American's blogs? (weird compared to life in SA)

HappyTrails said...

Family is number 1 - I'm glad that was your answer! Hope your week ahead smooths out Johann.

Two Questions: 1) If you were to get a chance to race in Colorado, would you rather do Hardrock 100, Leadville 100, or a shorter race like Pikes Peak Marathon? (or one of the other fabulous races in the mountains....)
2) Do you primarily speak Afrikaans or English on a daily basis?

Have a great week!

Abby @ Have Dental Floss, Will Travel said...

I'd love to know how you got into ultra-running...

And also, what's the story of the special lady you once mentioned in a comment to me, about racing and relationships? :)

Richelle said...

Yes, family is always #1.

Have you always lived in South Africa? What is your "dream race"?

XLMIC said...

Would you ever, for any reason, run naked in front of people you don't know?

Have you ever run barefoot?

What is your stance on public displays of affection (PDA)?

Do you enjoy the Harry Potter series? Books or movies better?

Black Knight said...

The family must always be our first priority.
Question: how many pairs of running shoes do you "destroy" every year?

Jill said...

Beings your mum and Running Green Girl are approximately the same height, how tall are you?

When are you coming to run in my gorgeous, and steep, Colorado mountains? Pikes Peak 2012??

ultra collie said...

here here
hope alls ok though in the home of johann

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

I hope all is well with you and the family issues. Family does have to come first.

Q: What are your long term running goals? How do you think running/racing has improved your life and the lives of those around you?

Amy said...

Hope everything is okay with your family! That is definitely priority number one.

My question: have you ever been to Belgium?

Staci said...

Hope all is sorted now, I did miss you at the race. i loved the 10.5km.

Question: What is your favourite food to cook? What and where is your favourite "eat out" food and restaurant?