"I'd rather be seen on my bicycle than on a park run" - Quote from the dark side

Friday, 21 May 2010

Seven things about me

Thanks to Molly I’m now a versatile blogger.  So I owe you seven things about myself…

1. I’m a stats fanatic and keep stats with graphs and trends and anything statty for various things.

2. I often drive different routes to work and back home.

3. I’m a good chess player and sometimes play for charity.

4. I love gardening and like to cross-pollinate flowers to get results as below.

5. I still remember the birthdays of people that were with me in 1st grade…don’t know how, I just don’t forget it.

6. I love trains and model trains and I’m busy building a layout as time allows.

7. Dogs and cats always come to me and want to be best buddies.

If you aren’t a versatile blogger yet, you are now!

This weekend I’m not running any races but will be training hard. 9.4km trail run planned for Saturday including some picture taking practice and a 25.5km road run on Sunday.

Have a good weekend everyone!


Jill said...

Enjoyed your list, always so fun to find out more details about other bloggers. Your flowers are gorgeous!! Enjoy the 9.4K!! Happy Weekend!

misszippy said...

I love what a diverse person you are...flowers, chess, running, and model trains!

wendy_kresha@charter.net said...

I love the flowers, so pretty! Have a great weekend!

The Green Girl said...

Wow. I really enjoyed learning all these fascinating things about you.

That's so cool that you play chess for charity sometimes and I love that you cross-pollinate!

And the trains part is awesome, too.

Julie said...

Hi Johann,
I suck at chess! I have respect for anyone who can play that game without wanting to throw the board out the window:)

I am not surprised about the cats and dogs liking you...you look like an animal person:) I also remember how your saved the bird that time.

My mom is the same way with birthdays...she never forgets a date.

Good luck this weekend with your hard workout and don't forget to have some fun!

Rad Runner said...

WOW! Look at those flowers! I try, I don't have a green thumb, but I just recently discovered succulents and their urge not to die. I love them, and have become quite OBSESSED with snipping off little clippings when taking the dog for a walk...

Chess for charity? You must be good!

hmm and trains, I would have never guessed! That is cool!

Have a RAD weekend! :)

ajh said...

I like stats. That is one of the very fun things about running. So many opportunities to use them!

Meg said...

Your list was pretty amazing and interesting. Cross pollination of flowers? Stats? Birthdays from a hundred(ok, 30, or so years ago?). You are very interesting :) !

Anne said...

Very interesting list...I love the flower, it's beautiful! I also like stats :) ...and how cool that you play chess for charity...I'm impressed!

Molly said...

It's on my list to learn how to play chess...my husband plays almost every day online with friends....beautiful flowers too!

Giorgio said...

It's should be a very eclectic blog Johann!
I like driving different routes too and I'm delighted to hear about model trains. I love Maerklin model trains.
Dogs and cats want to be best buddies. And why not horses and rabbits? :) Beautiful gardening results Johann.
I hope that you had a nice workout.

Colin Hayes said...

Good to know a fellow stats-geek. You should see my running spreadsheet!

Char said...

I've just found your blog and was fascinated by the thought of running in a game reserve. Your flowers are gorgeous.