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Monday, 8 February 2010

Striders 32km – Finished with some problems

My 32km run this weekend didn’t go as well as I hoped for. I ran it as a training run so I didn’t bother about time at all so the fact that I finished another 32km is good. The heat got to me a bit. With all the rain we’ve had this was the first really warm run of the summer. The temperature went up to 29°C (84F) and this was warm for me. The last 10km I struggled and did a lot of walking. Afterwards I was nauseous and even had to stop and vomit next to the road on my way home. Not good at all. I think somewhere I didn’t drink enough water and my sugar levels got a bit high. The sun also got me and my shoulders and back of my neck were sore last night. But I finished and got the distance done which is important at this stage. Another medal on the wall and moving on to this week’s running.

I’ll take it easy during the week and finish the week’s training with another 32km race on Saturday. This will be a LSD training run as well and I’ll concentrate more on my water vs sugar intake. I’m planning a slow run and want to take the first half real easy.

Overall I suppose things are still looking good. My son Rohann added his 2nd 5km medal to his wall as well. I’m positive this week’s race will go much better.


ajh said...

Love the picture of your son! The race sounds brutal. The cold got to me on my run but I would rather have the cold than those hot temps. Good job finishing.

Julie said...

Hi Johann,
The heat always does a number on me too! I never perform well if it is to hot or don't have enough water. Good job and way to finish it:) I love your pictures...you son is adorable!! He looks so happy and proud of his accomplishment! Go Rohann!! Johann I hope that you have a great week:)

Christina said...

He's a cutie.

Sorry the heat got to you. My pace always slows a lot in the heat but I haven't gotten physically sick yet. (hurray!) Good job sticking it out.

Jameson said...

No matter what the extreme temperatures are, cold or hot, its tough to prepare, esp. when preparing for a race in the distant future.

Natalia said...

I do not envy you running in that altitude and humidity! Joburg is brutal, no question. Congrats on finishing, and your boy did really well too. Cheers.

Running Through Life said...

Glad to hear it all worked out despite the heat.
Very exciting for your son, he should be proud!