"I'd rather be seen on my bicycle than on a park run" - Quote from the dark side

Friday, 12 February 2010

Running Dreams

I have running dreams quite often and most of the time I’m running some race but my legs won’t get moving. I’ve had a few good runs in dreams as well but usually they are pretty messed up.

Last night I had another crazy dream. I think it came from my last post. I mentioned that I would like to meet certain people and afterwards thought I should have added Davy Crockett. I’ve been reading his stories and reports for many years and he also writes about his running dreams sometimes. If you want to read about insane distances and adventures, read Davy Crockett's blog. Last year he ran 7 hundred milers and is planning the same this year. He started the year with a PR at Rocky Raccoon 100 last week.

By the way, in South Africa we don’t PR, we PB (personal best). We also don’t crew, we second. I know at boxing matches when a new round starts you always hear: “Seconds out, round #2”, so it must come from that. In Afrikaans we say: “Helpers uit” (helpers out). So if you help (crew) a runner at a race, you are his second.

In my dream I was walking inside my old university, but everything has changed. No stairs where stairs used to be and no lecture rooms where they used to be. In the end I ended up at a table with some young guy that ordered food for us. This was for his run he said. The food never came and I was upset. I must have been hungry. I’m often hungry during the night and when in heavy training (90 – 120km per week) I often have a 2AM snack.

Anyway in the dream I suddenly joined the youngster’s mom and dad on a trail somewhere in California and told them, this is so great, I never thought I’d be running on a trail during this trip. The mom answered, it will be even greater later when we meet Davy Crockett. Wow, this was magic! I’m finally going to meet Davy Crockett!

Not long and we were sitting at a table with burgers on our plates (I was definitely hungry). Next minute the man himself appears from a trail, Davy Crockett! Coonskin hat and all. The hat had large white ears at the sides and he was carrying a cricket bat. I didn’t find any of this strange, but I did wonder why a cricket bat and not a baseball bat. In SA cricket is as big as baseball is in the US. Maybe he was a cricket fan…? He did approach the table but… alas, we never met…I woke as he stopped running…

I think I like running dreams. I wonder if all runners have these.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! I’m running a 32km race Saturday morning at 06:00. My 2nd 32km race in 6 days. Will report back on that.


Julie said...

Hi Johann,
That is so funny:) Yes, I do have running dreams:) I am either doing really good and am in the lead or, I am really sucking and can't move for anything!! Go figure:) Good luck running this weekend and I am looking forward to your race report:)

Colin Hayes said...

Funny! I also have running dreams. I had one not too long ago and posted about it on my blog:

Great blog! Good luck w/your running!

Jameson said...

Good luck in the race! You must be training hard.

ajh said...

When I was young Davy Crocket was a tv show and the song came immediately to mind. Here are the lyrics and the tune!


Christina said...

I sometimes have running dreams and yes, they are where I'm trying to run but my legs don't move fast enough, or at all. I don't think I've ever one a dream race...I should work on that.

Natalia said...

I have only had a running dream a few times now, but it's always in Italy. Merrily running through the hills of Tuscany and it's always a slog! It would be nice to dream of sprinting up those hills, looking cool whilst doing so, rather than exhausted.

ajh said...

I cannot even begin to imagine running 20 miles in 90 degree temps. I will take the cold any day. You must be a strong runner!