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Thursday, 18 February 2010

100 Days to go!

Well, there’s 100 days left to get in shape and ready for this year’s Comrades marathon on 30 May. Time certainly flies when you’re having fun! With 100 days to go I think it’s a good time to take stock and look at where I am with my running.

The main focus at the moment is to qualify for Comrades. At the same time I’m building up to go beyond the marathon and run some ultras as part of my Comrades training. This year I’m just going for a sub 12 hour finish at Comrades. For this I don’t mind to qualify in the slowest batch (H). To do this I must run a marathon in less than 5 hours or a 50km in less than 6 hours. There are also some easier options with a 48km in less than 6 hours or a 52km in less than 6:30. Sounds easy enough, but I’m in a comeback phase after a long layoff from running and my last marathon was in April 2004.

My marathon training is going well and I’ve done 2 x 32km races as long runs this month already. This week and next week will be my peak training before the marathon with 75.8km and 85.8km respectively. Then I’ll cut back a bit for two weeks leading up to the Elands Valley marathon on 20 March. If something goes wrong here, there are a few alternatives.

So my schedule for qualifying and training for Comrades will be as follow:

20 March – Elands Valley Marathon (Qualify for Comrades)
28 March – Bruce Fordyce 50km (Only if I qualify at Elands Valley)
2, 3, 4 April – Easter 100km (48, 33, 19)
11 April – Slowmag Marathon (Can qualify here if needed)
17 April – Loskop 50km (Can also qualify here if needed)
24 April – Coaldust 48km (Easy last desperate qualifier, 48 under 6 hours)

26 April – Closing date for qualifying

2 May - 65km long run
3 - 29 May - Taper
30 May - Comrades Marathon (89km)

Even if I don’t qualify I’ll still run most of these. I don’t run for Comrades only. I’ve got a few ultra goals for the second half of the year as well. All of this looks very exciting and a bit daunting at the same time. One thing is certain; the 100 days are going to pass extremely fast!


Julie said...

Hi Johann,
Wow, you have a long impressive running/racing schedule!! I am sure that all of your hard work and training will allow you to qualify for Comrades:) Good job this week and I hope next weeks longer runs go well for you!! Have a wonderful day Johann:)

Running Through Life said...

What an impressive and busy schedule you have for the next 100 days. Good luck with the racing and take it one day at a time. The ultimate goal is to enjoy yourself and reap the health benefits.

ajh said...

Are most of these races in really hot temperatures?