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Monday, 27 July 2015

Help Brendon Fund Raiser Ride

Yesterday Anette and I took part in the fund raising event organised to help Brendon MacDonald's family raise the necessary funds for the urgent operation he needs. (See previous post)

Even though it was an icy cold morning, we had a lot of fun.

The ride was held at the Boswell Wilkie circuis grounds at Daleside just outside Meyerton. This is about 15km from home so it was quick and easy to get there.

The ride was off-road on some mountain bike trails at the venue. As far as I know these trails were made and are maintained by the DOC Mountain Bike Club. It is a great place to come for some easier mountain biking.

Anette getting ready.

We chose the shorter ride as we are new on the mountain biking scene and Anette even rode with her slick road tires. I have to give special mention to her for the way she was keeping pace right up front, dropping quite a few riders along the way. She showed again that the legs and head are much stronger and better than the best 29'er out there...


We really enjoyed the ride and the magnificent burger afterwards was just as good. The ride itself was a zig-zag and criss-cross affair of an open field with lots of grass plumes and also 100's of mole heaps and holes to add to the fun.

Zig-zag route across the grass field.

There was quite a nice turnout and we wish Brendon all the best with his operation later this week.

We will certainly include this venue in our training for our mountain bike race in September.

Happy training everyone and have a super week!


Amy said...

Sounds like a fun event for a good cause! Glad you guys had such a great time!

Char said...

What a great way to raise money. I hope Brendon's operation goes really well.

Giorgio said...

It's great to hold such events for a social cause! The chart shows you did a nice ride off-road. Moreover, it was held in your town and, consequently, you didn't got up early ... I hate getting up early before a race. Great to hear you both enjoyed it!

Black Knight said...

I hope that the things for the Brendon family will go well.
Congrats for biking for a good cause.

Robin said...

That's terrific participating for a great cause. My thoughts are with the Brendon family.