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Friday, 1 November 2013

Frowback Friday

There is a manager that works with me that has no front teeth. I've known him for nearly three years now and it seems he is not thinking to do anything about it ever...

After a meeting this morning that he chaired I decided to dedicate this "Frowback Friday" to him.

1976 - Primary School Tennis Team

Have a super weekend everyone!


Jill said...

I guess you were so good at tennis you didn't need a racket?? :)

Looking at that picture, I'd swear it was your son. People say that about my daughter's and mine's younger pictures, too. Identical. I think she's grown into her own external identity now and the similarities aren't as striking.

Happy weekend, my friend!

Char said...

That no-teeth thing is never a good look. It's okay if they're molars and you can't really see them - but incisors? Poor Bubbles lost four molars and a few of her incisors yesterday so I'll no longer be asking her to smile for the camera.

Lauren said...

Such a cute, adorable picture! About the two front teeth -- I'd do something about that, even dentures if need be.