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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Body for Life

Does anybody know this book/program? It gives you a 12 week plan to get yourself back on track to a healthy life in a healthy body that looks good as well. I’ve never used any program or product to help me get into shape before. I’ve always just run more and eat better and less where possible. However, my wife Anette used the Body for Life program before to assist her in getting into proper shape for Karate nationals and endurance cycling events.

Anette wanted to use it again as she starts her way back to top shape with some interesting endurance events as goals. She suggested that I join her on the 12 week program to get my weight and shape where I need it for the challenges of the second half of 2012. I agreed although I will not do the same training as the program and just use it as a guide to supplement my running with good upper body and core workouts. We will both follow the guide for eating the right way closely.

The program makes use of protein shakes between meals. This is the first time ever that I will be using anything like this. I’m sure it will help with snacking on the wrong stuff as I am very guilty of doing. The program will act as a guide and motivation for us. Our 12 weeks start today, 10 April 2012.

Yesterday we went to buy the shakes and for no specific reason, we chose USN products. We bought the USN starter pack for their similar 12 week program and got there booklet with information as well.

Again, I’ve never used or even looked at these products before, so I am in a new world. Is USN available in other countries? I'm not sure but think all these products are very similar anyway.

It is certainly exciting and definitely helps with motivation. I am keen to try this with Anette and hope it will keep her motivated to achieve her goals. I will have to see how the eating program and protein shakes affect my running. I’m sure I will benefit from this. Losing some weight will certainly be great and help a lot on the longer runs.

We will log everything we eat and drink as well as all our training. We will also keep track of our weight. I will do regular updates and give feedback on the blog and hope we can all benefit from this.

Will my running improve? I certainly hope so…let’s wait and see.

Running is going well and on track. I’m running the Slow-Mag Half Marathon this Sunday. I have no injuries although running next to Anette on her bicycle leaves my fingers looking like this…

Thanks for reading and happy training everyone!


KovasP said...

I'm sure any program that makes you eat better and adds cross training will help your running.

How does your finger get injured running next to Anette on her bike?

Giorgio said...

Of course, losing some weight helps our runs (long and short ones).
I've have never used any product to help my running shape. Anyway, I'll read about your program on your blog ... I'm curious.
Good luck on your Slow-Mag Half Marathon this Sunday!

BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

Body for Life is a great program. Supports and promotes fresh food eating. Strength training helps any runner.

Karien P. said...

Wow, running next to a bicycle looks like a dangerous business ;) ! Good luck for Sunday!

misszippy said...

Are you throwing your hands into her spokes? ; )

I hope you like your new eating program--keep us posted.

Christi said...

Good luck with your new eating program. I am looking forward to hearing how it goes for you!

Evolving Through Running said...

Best of luck with the eating/training plan. Ease into those protein shakes - they can be a little tough on the gastro tract at first. Also - there is definitely a 'too much of a good thing' factor with protein, but I'm guessing you already know that with your many years of exercise. Hope it goes well for you and your wife.

A Prelude To... said...

I did body for life for the first time back in 2003 and I still pretty much eat that way now. 5-6 small meals each day, spaced about 2.5 hours apart. I don't treat the snack time meals any different than the other and I don't use shakes. I just try to keep all 5-6 meals at a portion of protein, a portion of carbs and as much veggies as I want. Meals range between about 250 and 350 calories.

Char said...

Did you poke your finger into her chain or the moving wheel. Ouch!

It's so nice that you can support each other through this program - especially with the eating part.

ajh said...

So what exactly did you do to your finger? Would it help to be on the other side?

Ewa said...

Allow me not to comment on your injury. Trust me, it's better that I keep my big mouth shut.

I think it's great that you two are doing all these things together.

I am not familiar with the brand of the shake you mentioned but then again I haven't really been using protein shakes.

Have fun following the program!

Kate Geisen said...

Poor finger!

Good luck with the program!

Amy said...

Good luck on Body for Life! I did the program two or three years ago (I blogged about it too) in the summer and I was very dedicated to the workouts and got a lot stronger, which has given me a base to do other strength programs. I did not lose a ton of weight - 4 kg maybe. But, because I prefer to eat a vegan diet, I didn't do the food side of the program, and I didn't use shakes - I would make my own smoothies with some fruit, greens, flaxseed and hemp protein powder.
You are lucky to have Annette's experience with it to help you through - I had my sister and brother-in-law who had done it before for support. Keep us posted!

Staci said...

I have lots of good reports about Body for Life but haven't tried it myself. Looking forward to hearing how it works for you.
Have a good run on Sunday, unfortunately my entry is not going to be used,I am still not running.

Teamarcia said...

Ouchie! I think you need to keep your hands to yourself. ;)
We have that book here. Haven't looked at it in years though. maybe I should. all the best with the program!

Mark said...

I did the Body for Life program starting in January 2000. It was a great jump start to better eating and exercise and helped me break some bad habits. I did use protein shakes, although there are alternative ways to avoid using them.

After completing the program, I followed the same eating and exercise for several years after. I still incorporate some of the same strategies today, although running now consumes a much bigger chunk of my exercise time, however I still recognize the value of and try to incorporate strength training to keep myself balanced.

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