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Monday, September 7, 2015

The Race That Never Happened

The title of the post says it all... the Jozi Juma did not happen yesterday. The race was cancelled due to bad weather and damage to the course.

The organizers were very good with their communication with messages and e-mails.

"We're sorry, but the Hollard JURA & JUMA will not take place this weekend due to dangerous conditions caused by terrible weather - updates to follow"

"Johann, the Hollard Juma has been CANCELLED in the interest of safety due to severe damage to course infrastructure, caused by rain"

Looking at the photos below from the event's FB page they really had no choice...

We are obviously disappointed, but that is life. Luckily we have another race lined up this coming weekend. A post on that will follow during the week.

Have a great week everyone!


Karien P. said...

Such a pity! Looks like you've had quite a bit of rain since we left last weekend...!

Giorgio said...
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Giorgio said...

The weather conditions were really dangerous, considering those damages. It's easy to see that the organizers had no choice but cancel the race.

Char said...

That was pretty intense weather. They really didn't have a choice.

Black Knight said...

Scary, wise decision to cancel the event.

Robin said...

Wow that's horrible. I can see why they had to cancel.