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Friday, 11 September 2015

Rand Water Race For Victory

I am cautiously optimistic to write a post about the cycle race we are doing this Sunday... Let's cross fingers that this one doesn't get cancelled as well...!

Anette and I both entered the Rand Water Race for Victory 54km event. There is also a 110km distance and 150km for the elite riders.

This is a road race and we are really looking forward to it.

Route description:

•    The first 4,1 km and the final 4,1 km of the event is on the same route.
•    At 8,5 km mark PAY ATTENTION at Nampak intersection – bumpy roads / pedestrians.  Turn left and then cross over highway (R59) and turn right at  
9,6 km.
•    Cycle along Kliprivier Road for another 6,5 km until the R82 intersection.
•    Pay attention at R82 intersection after 24,5 km – two turns left are encountered. 
•    Long uphill drag (10 km) to Walkerville.  First tester for legs! (CAUTION !  ROAD WORKS ON THE ROAD.)
•    Sharp turn left into Randvaal Road at 36 km.   First water point at 36.5 km mark.
•    Pass Lapeng Centre on left.
•    Fast, steep downhill and sharp turn left into Joan Road at 40,5 km.
•    Turn right at intersection at 49 km mark, Springbok Road.  Riders of 110 km race will enter into this road from the opposite (Karee Kloof) direction.
•    FINISH at 54 km.


Route profile:

Looks like a good ride with a challenge or two along the way. The race is just around the corner from home so that is an added bonus.

Let's be optimistic and be sure you can read the race report next week.

Have a super weekend!


Karien P. said...

Hope the weather plays along this time...! Enjoy!

Char said...

Good luck - for the weather, that is. You'll be fine with the cycling.

Giorgio said...

Enjoy the race, Johann! Please, let's read your race report.