"I'd rather be seen on my bicycle than on a park run" - Quote from the dark side

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Heritage Day Cycle Challenge

Anette and I did another cycle race last week. 24 September is Heritage Day here in South Africa and a public holiday. We made it a long weekend and that's partly to blame for my lack of posting.

I forgot to take the camera to the race! This was not good as there were plenty of nice pic opportunities along the way. Hopefully this is lesson learnt as I am not going to take photos with my phone while riding... accident waiting to happen...

We took a few pics before the race at the venue in Meyerton. There will be another race here later in the year and I will make up for my mistake then.

Ready to go!

The route was 20km out and back for a nice 40km ride. There was also an 80km race but we are not quite ready for that yet,

We had a great ride with the route going up and down all the time. It was warm and I was happy we at least remembered the sunscreen. I enjoyed this race a lot and I'm getting the hang of the cycling more and more.

A nice medal at the finish and two happy people.

Next up is a 60km race on 11 October and I will make sure to take the camera.

Happy training everyone!


Kate Geisen said...

That looks like a fun, roll-y course! I love that cycling is something you guys can do together. :)

Char said...

There seems to be just as many bike races over there as there are running ones. Either way you're going to get your race fix.

Amy said...

That is so neat you and Anette are doing those bike races together!

Robin said...

Good work to both of you. Nice you are participating together!