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Monday, 24 November 2014

November Update

And here we are in the last week of November already! Crazy but true! Life has been busy and I haven't been around blog land as often as I would like to be.

The good news is that running is going well and I am training hard and often. It looks like I will be running 2 races before the year is gone. A 10km this weekend and then the 48 hour circuit race in December. Exciting for sure!

A busy schedule so I'm in for the 10km only.

I'll be slogging along for 48 hours in December.

My son Rohann finished primary school last week. Seven years that really flew by. Now 5 years of high school is waiting. Rohann is very excited. He is only sad that he will not be going to school barefoot again!

Grade 1 to grade 7 -  2008 - 2014

Last barefoot schoolday...

 Happy training everyone!


Robin said...

Exciting races coming up! Good luck and can't wait to hear about them. Wow a son in High School...awesome!

Kate Geisen said...

It's kind of crazy how fast time flies by, isn't it?

That 48 hour race sounds awesome and terrible, all at once. Hopefully much more of the former! :)

Char said...

Barefoot at school? They'd never allow that over here. Our poor kids have to wear full shoes - not even sandals are appropriate.

KovasP said...

Barefoot at school is awesome. 48 hours of running just sounds crazy. :)

Unknown said...

He does not really go to school without shoes!?! They mustn't allow it! Though it would make for some tough feet :)

Look how they grow... incredible!

Enjoy the training!! Summer racing is almost on you, Johann.

Amy said...

It's so amazing watching kids grow up, isn't it? Good luck to Rohann in secondary school!

ajh said...

I am dying of curiosity about bare feet and school. What is that about?

Giorgio said...

Great to hear your runs are going well. Looking forward to reading about those interesting races.

Good luck to your son in High School!

Black Knight said...

I hope you have run a great race today.
Glad your running is going well.
Barefoot at school? Here it is not possible.
Good luck on his career at school.