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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Crazy Running Streak Numbers

Runners are crazy. I've always known that and it was confirmed again this week.

After my last post about starting a running streak I did some searching and reading about the topic. Turns out most of us are puny little wimps! The numbers are staggering!

Most true streaking legends are in their 40th to 45th year of streaking! 15000 to 16000 days of streaking is not uncommon. I honestly did not know this...wow!

Look at these numbers!

1. Jon Sutherland                 16377 days  (44.84 years)
2. Jim Pearson                       16111 days  (44.11 years)
3. Stephen W. DeBoer                 15635 days  (42.81 years)
4. Jon A. Simpson                       15551 days  (42.58 years)
5. Alex T. Galbraith                  15437 days  (42.26 years)
6. David L. Hamilton                 15201 days  (41.62 years)
7. Steven Gathje                                 15159 days  (41.50 years)
8. Robert R. Kraft                  14331 days  (39.24 years)
9. James Behr                                14254 days  (39.03 years)
10. Stephen D. Reed                         13799 days  (37.78 years)

This is quite amazing! For now I'll just try to get through 30 days of running for April...

Happy running!


Lauren said...

Wow! That is remarkable. 30 of April is going to be a chore for me.

Amy said...

Wow - who knew? That is mind boggling!

Scott McMurtrey said...

I think my longest streak is two or three weeks. :)

Char said...

Don't they ever get sick? Or tired? It's amazing to be able to say you've run every day for over 40 years.

Jim ... 50after40 said...

That's insane!!!

:) said...

My small streak is just over 500 days and I can tell you, after the first 100 days or so, it's hard to find excuses to skip a run. "I'm too tired to run" becomes "I'm tired so I'll just run my mile and call it good". It only takes 10 minutes.

To the person who asked "don't they ever get sick?" I can honestly say "not in a long time". Perhaps it's the running every day?

Good luck in April! -Liz

coach dion said...

This morning was run 840, if I made 1000 I think I will pop open a bottle of bubbly...

KovasP said...

At some point it crosses into compulsion and not health. Some of the longer streakers have gotten their daily run in even when sick or injured. Truly crazy

Liz said...

I tried a streak in December and managed about 22 days. I have to admit, for me it took all the pleasure out of running, and left me feeling tired and unfit, only doing short plods every day and no fast or long runs.

But I know a lot of runners love it, so good luck!

Unknown said...

Streaking is sadly not for me. I rally need those rest days for my knee