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Thursday, January 23, 2014

My Road Runs in Mauritius

I ran 6 times while I was in Mauritius. Two times were on the road and the other on the beach/rocks/trail. It was extremely hot and extremely humid. If you want to run properly there, run before 6 AM.

I did some incredible exploring while on my runs and used the time more for the explore part rather than for training...bad runner!

Here are some photos from my road runs...

The roads between the villas are narrow and generally a lot smaller than what I am used to here in SA.

Lots of coconut trees.

There are numerous building styles. Some modern and some not so modern...:)

Roads like these were incredibly hot! I was permanently soaked!

I cooled off in this pool immediately after each run. Heaven!

Next post I'll share my off-road runs.

Happy training everyone!


Michael said...

It is 20 below zero in Kansas City this morning (at least with windchills)...really about 1 degree! And I'm looking at a post about you on the beach where it's hot and humid. I would take that over this any day! So jealous!

Kate Geisen said...

Oh how beautiful! I'm with Michael though...man is it cold here!!

I'm all about exploring while training. Yes, it takes away a lot of the intensity, but it sure adds to the experience. :)

Giorgio said...

Beautiful picutures, Johann! And wonderful place to run.
Thanks for sharing!

Karien P. said...

I love exploring new places while running too - it's best way!

Robin said...

I'm impressed you ran on vacation, and in the hot weather.... Looks like a nice place/trip and the pool looks delightful.

misszippy said...

No better way to explore a place than on a run. Looks like you had some great ones!

Char said...

I agree with Misszippy - running is the best way to explore a holiday destination. Thank goodness for the pool at the end of those runs.

ajh said...

Of course you explored there......smart runner. Best way to see a new place.

Christi said...

I love the coconut trees!

Black Knight said...

I love to explore by running the cities that I visit.
Beautiful photos.

Raina R. said...

I could handle running in a scenic sauna like that if I had a swimming pool to equal the one in your photo!
Looks like you had some great adventures:)
Small Town Runner

Jill said...

I don't even know what it feels like to run in that type of weather anymore - it's been decades since I have run in humidity. But I do love the ocean (and palm trees). Good for you for getting it done on vacation!