"I'd rather be seen on my bicycle than on a park run" - Quote from the dark side

Monday, 20 January 2014

Inspiration For The Week

Some inspiration to get out there and run this week!

Bobbies 22km/10km, Edenvale, Johannesburg, 19 January 2014

Have a super week!


misszippy said...

Wow. That's some amazing stuff right there!

ajh said...

Wow! No excuses for sure. Very impressed.

Char said...

It's humbling to see that.

It kind of reminded me of a video I watched last week of a dog with no hind legs having a tug of war with a four-legged friend. I loved the attitude of the amputee - he was going to win that sock and if he didn't he wasn't going to go down without a fight.

Karien P. said...

What an amazing person. Respect.

Black Knight said...

A great runner. Very impressed!

lindsay said...

How awesome! Very inspirational.