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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

So what is on for 2013?

I know January is halfway already, but I’ve been working and fine tuning my schedule for the year and it took some time to make certain decisions.

This is a big year as I turn 50 on 31 July. Obviously I’ve been asked many questions about which race I will do or what will I run for my Birthday. Will it be 50km or 50miles?

Well, the short answer is that I will not run any 50 distance specifically for my Birthday although there is a 50km on my schedule. I do have two Birthday races planned and a few more main goals.

RED = Birthday Runs
BLUE = Main Goal but not Birthday Run
GREEN = Races as Training Runs

Sasol Half Marathon – 2 February (Just a nice race to do as a training run.)

Striders 32km – 3 March (Great race for some distance.)

Goldi 4 in 1 Marathon – 21 March (Qualify for Comrades with this race.)

Slow Mag 50km – 14 April (Run as a long training run…LSD!)

RAC Loooooong Run – 28 April (60km) (This is not a race, but a Comrades training run organized by Rand Athletic Club.)

Colgate 32 – 32km (Great training run with nice goodies!)

Comrades Marathon – 2 June (89km road race, up run this year. Have to revenge my broken toe DNF of two years ago)

Springbok Vasbyt 25km – 13 July (Great race to start my trail season. )

Num-Num Trail Race – 3 August (Toughest trail race I know with monster climbing.)

The Namaqualand Challenge – 28 to 31 August (120km stage trail race. A big Birthday trip!)

The Otter Challenge – 24 September (42km along the coast over mainly rocks. Second big Birthday trip! The kids will join us for this one.)

Golden Gate Challenge – 26 to 29 October (73km. This race is just too good to miss.)

RAC Tough One – 24 November (32km road race, hard and warm.)

Sabie Xperience Trail Race – 15 December (45km stage race with night stage included.)

Year 2 Year Circuit Race – 30 December to 01 January 2013 (Have to go do the 48hour properly this year.)

So that’s what my 2013 schedule looks like at the moment. I’m sure there will be some minor changes but the main goals will remain.

Happy 2013 running everyone!

PS: I've been getting hundreds and hundreds of spam comments. I have turned on word verification for now. I'm sorry about this as I don't want to have it on. It has just become necessary.

Can anyone tell me the best way to get rid of this?

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