"I'd rather be seen on my bicycle than on a park run" - Quote from the dark side

Friday, 17 August 2012

Magaliesberg Challenge Preview

Tomorrow I'm running the 35km Magaliesberg Challenge. This is a very hard race but I'm doing it as part of my training for the very hard 50km Mont-Aux-Sources Challenge on 8 Sept. So I'm going with the plan to have fun and enjoy a good long training run.

This from the final info e-mail:

35km Runners Note:

"The improved route is more than 35km, with tough ascents, tricky technical running and descents that should be walked. This is a challenging mountain run, that will take the fit, fast runners more than 3 hours and the normal folk up to 6 hours, or more.

You should take 2 litres of water, the berg is dry. You are required to take with you a minimum of 1 litre of hydration, food for the trail (like a sarmie, energy bars, fruit or a roast chicken - you will need the energy!), a charged cell phone and a wind-breaker.

The challenge is to complete this adventure intact. There are no marshals, the course is marked with arrows and cairns. Stay awake and follow these markers. The vultures are circling. Take it easy, enjoy the journey, stop to look at the views. Please listen to briefing at the start of the run."

That certainly sounds like a lot of fun! Looking at these photos from last year I know I will have fun...but also suffer while having it...

What are you doing this weekend?

Have a great one!


misszippy said...

Wow--up to 6 hours for a 35k means it is TOUGH! The descents in particular sound challenging. Should be a perfect training run for you , though. Enjoy and be safe!

misszippy said...

Wow--up to 6 hours for a 35k means it is TOUGH! The descents in particular sound challenging. Should be a perfect training run for you , though. Enjoy and be safe!

Jill said...

I'm cracking up at the "roast chicken" ... I've never seen a race director advising you to bring roast chicken - must be a SA thingie :).

I love how tough your upcoming races are, shows how much grit you have! Have a great time at the race tomorrow...enjoy! And don't forget the roasted chicken! :)

lindsay said...

good luck johann! don't forget your chicken and sammies! :)

Karien said...

Sounds TOUGH! Good luck for tomorrow!

Jerry Smallwood said...

I love the idea of this run, tough but have a great time

ajh said...

The vultures are circling?!!! Wow. Good luck!

Alma said...

2L of water is a lot to carry! I hope it's in a bladder that doesn't weight much. And a whole chicken?! What are you planning on packing? Good luck! I look forward to reading the re-cap!

Have fun!

Robin said...

Good luck on what looks like another challenging event! I'm running a 5K (opted out of the 30K event I did the last two years in favour of the local 5K instead).

Char said...

So there's cell phone service out there? Some people have problems getting service over here on the Gold Coast (a major city just an hour from our capitol) yet you get service where only vultures live.

Can I also suggest that you take a little salt and pepper and avocado to have with that roast chicken.

Good luck!

Black Knight said...

Congrats to the Springbok, wonderful match.

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