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Monday, 27 August 2012

Monday Update

I planted the tree we received at the Magaliesberg Challenge in a pot and realized I never took a proper photo of it and also not of the t-shirt and cap we received. So here it is...

Yellowwood - South Africa's national tree. So much better than a medal!

Cap and t-shirt. The shirt is Anette's. The women received shirts specifically for them...nice!

My 10km A Day Challenge is still going strong and well on track. I've had some good weeks in preparation for the Mont-Aux-Sources Challenge but will cut back during the next two weeks. So it is good to have some distance in the bank.

My progress up to now:

Weeks done: 12
Weeks to go: 40
Km done: 902
Km to go: 2748
Ave per week done: 75.17
Ave per week required: 68.70

Week 1: 84
Week 2: 80
Week 3: 83
Week 4: 69
Week 5: 56
Week 6: 54
Week 7: 80
Week 8: 71
Week 9: 80
Week 10: 86
Week 11: 89
Week 12: 70

That's all for now! Have a super week of training everyone!


misszippy said...

I think that is the best swag I've ever seen! I wish more races would get creative and do things like that.

Robin said...

The tree is the best idea! Great training so far!

Mike said...

That's some serious mileage. How is the recovery?

Black Knight said...

The tree is a very good swag.
That is a big challenge, you are doing a good but tough job, congrats.

Black Knight said...
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Unknown said...

A tree is much better than a medal, I agree!

and yay for women's specific tshirts for the ladies.

Liz said...

How unusual to get a tree - great idea! Impressive running numbers too... well done!

Char said...

I love it when we get gender-specific shirts from our races. One of the biggest races I do has finally stopped using cotton shirts and gone to technical fabric but they still haven't worked out that women aren't the same shape as men. And I still won't wear their shirts.

Detroit Runner(Jeff) said...

I love the tree idea. What a great memory of a race to have a tree in your backyard.

ajh said...

My husband would be thrilled if I came home with a tree instead of a medal.

Amy said...

Love the tree! And wow - you've been really proactive with your mileage - good job!

Anonymous said...

I like the tree! What a fun race reward :) Annette's shirt is nice too. I always prefer gender-specific running shirts.

Those are some great KMs! Is your challenge through runningahead by chance? Or some other group?

Unknown said...

Awesome swag! It's fun to get something in lieu of or in addition to medals and tshirts!!

Jill said...

10k a day? That's awesome! And some cool swag you got, too. I like the tree in the pot on your table, a very nice touch! :)

Giorgio said...

That tree is really better than a medal! the running shirt is nice too.
Have a nice week of training!

Theia said...

I love the tree! What a great idea!

Thomas Bussiere said...

Great idea....

Kate Geisen said...

I like that hat! And I'm a big fan of woman-specific shirts for races...as long as I know that's the case! I've ended up with too small shirts when I've ordered my men's size only to get there and have it be womens. Still, very cool. And I love the tree!

Average Woman Runner said...

Very impressive mileage. I've been seeing all your runs on DM! I think the only other race I've seen with vegetation awards is the Portland Marathon, which gives out little fir tree saplings. Very cool, indeed. I would love to plant a tree in honor of finishing a race!