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Monday, 4 June 2012

Withdrawal Symptoms

I’ve never run as few races as I’ve been doing this year and I must admit that I’m starting to feel some withdrawal symptoms. I actually think my blog followers are starting to feel them as well. They want to read some race reports!

I’m used to running at least one race per month and most of the time two or three. Please note:  I say run three races a month and not race three times per month…big difference.

At least things will change soon and if you look at the counter on the right the days are counting down nicely to my next race. I have a lot planned for the rest of the year and this is motivating me a lot. However, regular races definitely help to keep me on my toes with training and general “live as a runner” things. I’m highly motivated but not running a race for a month or more is really getting to me.

I had less races planned than usual and then I missed my last two. One due to traffic problems and one because of a bad chest cold and cough. I can’t remember when last I had such a long gap between races. It must be more than 10 years.

However, this will be changing soon and I’m really looking forward to some awesome races in the next few months. Here’s a list of what’s to come…

17 June – Winter Trail XL 20km
7 July – Num-Num Trail Challenge (36.5km)
14 July – Springbok Vasbyt 10km (recovery run)
28 July – Rustenburg Mountain Race (25.5km)
18 August – Crazy Magaliesberg Challenge (35km)
8 Sept – Mont-Aux-Sources 50km Challenge
22&23 Sept – New Balance Stage Race
7 Oct – Hi-Tec Waterfall Splendour
21 Oct – Southgate Mall 15km
26,27,28 Oct – Golden Gate Challenge
11 Nov – Warmbad Marathon
25 Nov – Sani Stagger Marathon
31 Dec to 1 Jan – Year to Year 24 Hour Circuit Race

November might change a bit as it depends on what my exact plans will be for the first half of 2013. I’m sure this schedule will take care of my lack of races symptoms.

Do you experience race withdrawal symptoms?

Have a super week everyone!


Amy said...

Not race withdrawal, but definitely feel it if I haven't done any exercise in a few days! Then it really feels good to get back to it.

misszippy said...

We are on very similar paths this year! I am missing racing right now, but also have needed my downtime. I am looking forward to getting back in shape enough that I feel race ready, and then putting some dates on the calendar.

Your list looks great--you always have the most interesting races!

Kovas Palubinskas said...

After a year off from racing, I've registered for 2 this year - we'll see if racing is interesting to me anymore. :)

Robin said...

Looks like lots of stuff coming up! I'm the opposite this year...I have way more races then I'm used to!

Giorgio said...

Since February I have run 1 race a month.

I hope your things will change soon, Johann!

Liz said...

I've really been enjoying racing this year, but I think I'll take a couple of months off now, just because it's a lot to ask of my family when we have other weekend commitments. I have a few planned for the autumn though!

ajh said...

Was it especially hard not to be racing Comrades? I have a very hard time if I am not doing VCM.

Detroit Runner(Jeff) said...

I've been good with one race per month during the season. This year I did 2 1/2's, a full and a third half all within 5 weeks. Too much for me. Glad my next race is not for two more weeks giving me a month between races. You're last race sure will make up for everything! 24 hours? crazy!

Ewa said...

I am not a race runner, as you know. My problem these days is running less because of the Achilles tendon. Not running enough sucks!
Glad you are getting back into running races though trust me when I say, I enjoy your trail running reports as much as race reports.

Kate said...

Yes! I've registered for way fewer races this year, and it's been kind of hard to watch my friends racing and being on the sidelines. And now that my big race is over, nothing's really on the schedule until July. Kind of a letdown.

You have lots of cool things coming up! Looking forward to hearing about it. :)

Jill said...

I had lots of race withdraws when my foot was injured, it was hard to read blogs actually sometimes. I sort of ebb and flow on the race circuit, but it's different when you want to race and you can't, like with my foot.

You have some really cool races coming up...how fun! Hope one of them will be in Colorado soon! :)

Char said...

You're definitely making up for your lack of races in the second half of the year. And I must admit that I miss your reports especially the pictures.

Mark said...

Looks like a real fun schedule coming up. I'd like to run more races but Saturday is when everything else is happening so I just "race" a few a year.

Lisa said...

apparently i do NOT feel withdrawl. i've only done one "race" this year and i'm okay with that.

Stacey Pomerleau said...

Sounds like a great race schedule Johann!

Black Knight said...

In my running life I spent whole months without racing due to health problems.
The most important thing is not to give up.
Glad that you have this race schedule; I am sure you will do great.

Kate said...

I'm very interested to hear what decision you made. And looking forward to hearing all about it!

Lauren said...

I am also running very little races this year -- much, much less than the past 4 years when my racing career started. I'm not really feeling the withdrawals though, mainly because I have that one big race I'm aiming for. I'm purely focused on that.

But I DO look forward to reading your next race report.

susette said...

Thanks for the nice comment on my blog.

Yes, I definitely feel race withdrawls and that's why I keep signing up for more. It really is so much fun to just be out there running with so many other people.