Over training is over rated, rest better so that you can train even more" - Nick Yster Bester

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Gauteng Winter Trail XL Preview

This Sunday’s trail race is part of the Gauteng Winter Trail Series. The series consists of 4 runs and include a short and long course each time. The second race includes the XL race that I’ll be running on Sunday.

It is a 20km run with a few challenges along the way. Nothing too drastic, but very good training indeed. The vertical gain is 550m (1804ft) which will provide a good workout.

I’ve run the second loop of the course (9km to 20km) before so at least I know what to expect in the second part of the run.

I’m running this as part of my training for the Num-Num Trail Challenge on 7 July. So no fast running for time here. I’m just going to get time on the trails in my legs with some hard hill climbing thrown in. Should be great fun!

What does your weekend plans look like?

Happy training everyone!


Ewa said...

I run/hike a lot better on trails I am familiar with but with me running has always been a mental game.

Plans for the weekend? It is barely Wednesday ;-) but I will think of something, I am sure.

Robin said...

Have a great trail race this weekend. Looks challenging! I'm running a road half this Sunday, not nearly as exciting as your run looks!

Kovas Palubinskas said...

I can never decide if I like running a new trail or one well-known better.

Laima and I are participating in a Warrior Dash Sunday - mud, obstacles, and beer!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Good luck and have fun

Staci said...

I'll be doing Parkrun on Saturday,, my first run since Comrades so I will be taking it real slow.
Have a good run on Sunday Johann..

Black Knight said...

Good luck on sunday.
My week end? Lazy on the beach.

Kate said...

Wow, some serious hills in that second half! Good luck and have fun! :)

Friday is my son's 18th birthday, Saturday is a mountain bike clinic, and Sunday we'll celebrate Father's Day with my husband and father-in-law.

Jill said...

Oh wow, those hills look like FUN! I did a short 8 miles yesterday with about 1650' foot incline. I can barely walk today. Pathetic, I know! Have a blast on the trails, always a great day when one can run on the trails :).

Weekend ahead? I may do a little uphill race. We'll see. :)

Paul said...

Have a fun race!

(And bring your climbing gear for the biggest hill!)

HappyTrails said...

Nice looking course layout - that trail starting at 12.5k looks pretty stout! Have a great run!

Char said...

There's some pretty impressive looking ascents there. And some equally impressive descents. It should be challenging.

Abby @ Have Dental Floss, Will Travel said...

I often go back-and-forth as to whether I prefer familiarity during a race or new surroundings. Have fun!

This weekend, we're getting ready for the first big race of the year - a 96-hour event in Central Maine. Start time is 9 AM Wednesday, and we have a lot to do before then!

Mark said...

Wow! That is some elevation gain! Cool looking route! Good luck! I'm doing a short run and playing some bluegrass music!

Lauren said...

Sleep tight tonight before your race. I love to know the trails I'm racing. Nice that you know one of the loops already. Looks like you've got a nice climb ahead of you. Good luck!!