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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Have you ever had a DNF?

This post is in response to Christina’s Running Question Challenge.

Have you ever had a DNF (did not finish)?

I can remember 4 DNF’s in the 29 years that I’ve been running. I think that’s actually pretty good and don’t feel bad about it at all. I learned a lot from those and think that’s the best to do when you do end up with a DNF. Learn from it.

It was between 1994 and 1999. 2 X Comrades 89km runs, a 100km circuit race and a marathon. I had some issues with high sugar levels with three of these and had to quit eventually. The one Comrades I tried to run with ITB problems that were only 75% healed. After about 48km they were back 100%.

Since then I’ve sorted the sugar issues and learned the hard way not to do stupid things with injuries. I also make sure I’m really ready before I run a marathon or ultra.


Christina said...

29 years and 4 DNF's is good. I think as the race gets longer, the probability of a potential DNF increases. I've never had high sugar issues but I'm sure they make you feel like crap.

Anne said...

Those are long races...I can see the potential for something going run increasing quite a bit. Very smart to view these as learning experiences...that's really what it's all about!
I agree...4 DNF's in 29 years is an excellent record! :)

Julie said...

Hi Johann,
So far so good for me on the DNF's. I have only been racing since last year. I am sure that there will most likely be a race in the future where it could happen. I think for as long as you have been running that your DNF stats are respectable:) I hope that you have a great week Johann!

ajh said...

I am impressed that you have been racing for 29 years! And jealous!

Running Through Life said...

You have an impressive race career. Only 4 DNF's is something to be extremely proud of. Running for 29 years is even something more to be proud of. You are a great inspiration!

Running Diva Mom said...

29 years?!?!? Wow -- will be looking to you for inspiration!!!

Colin Hayes said...

I've only had two DNF's, and both were my first year of running cross country in high school (1983)...and here's a confession I'm ashamed of...both of them were faked. I wasn't yet in shape and went out way too fast in both races, so I faked ankle injuries both times. Looking back, I'm pretty sure my coaches were wise to me, but never called me out. Since then, I've had no DNF's. I've wanted to drop out of a couple, though!

Sherri said...

I have not had any DNF runs...but that is easy when your racing 5k and 10k's! Those longer races, like you do, if your body is off...there is not much you can do...but STOP and try another time!

You have raced some major distances!

misszippy said...

DNFs are truly the worst and I have only done it once...but I also believe that if you are in a position to hurt yourself, it's smarter to swallow pride and pull out. I know so many people feel ashamed if they DNF, but I don't think they should if it's done for legitimate reasons. Yours sound pretty legit!!

Giorgio said...

It's a great post Johann! I agree with your idea: "not to do stupid things with injuries".
Have a nice training.