"I'd rather be seen on my bicycle than on a park run" - Quote from the dark side

Sunday, 24 January 2010

The rain continues, but brings some good rest.

Well the rain is still continuing in Johannesburg and this morning I did my training run in pouring rain. I planned a 25.5km run but in the end ran 22.5km on a route that stays much closer to home. I thought this was safer in case there was some lightning or some other emergency with all the rain. This route also doesn’t cross any streams as the 25.5km route do.

So the weather made me miss my 15km run on Wednesday and I ran 3km less than planned today. Running 18km less than planned for the week sounds bad, but I think it will give my body some needed recovery time which is worth more than the extra 18km would have been.

Tomorrow (Monday) is my rest day and then I’ll start some weeks of hard training with long runs over the weekends including a 25.5km, 2 x 32km and a 35km run before I cut back a bit in the weeks leading up to my Comrades qualifying marathon on 20 March. This I need to run in less than 5 hours to qualify for the Comrades marathon on 30 May. Looking at this I’m feeling much more comfortable with the shorter total distance for this week caused by the rain.


Running Through Life said...

I hope the rain stops soon so you can get back to your normal training routine.

Johann said...

Yes, the next few weeks are crucial to my marathon training.

Christina said...

Having a week lower in mileage is a good idea. My coach says to have a lower mileage week every 4-6 weeks.