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Saturday, 30 January 2010

Comrades Entries Closed

Comrades entries were re-opened for a limited number of 2000 spots on the morning of the 30th of January, which were taken only at Mr Price stores nationwide.
The 2000 entries were snapped up in 4 minutes!
This means that all entries for the Comrades Marathon 2010 are now officially closed.
No correspondence will be entered into.

Wow, 2000 entries gone in 4 minutes! This year’s Comrades marathon is really extremely popular. With more than 22000 entries there is a good chance that there will be close to 20000 starters for the 89km race on 30 May. That is a lot of runners for a difficult ultra and I’m still hoping to be one of them. Next year things will be back to normal so this is a year not to miss the race.

My plan is to qualify on 20 March at the Elands Valley marathon. This is a fast marathon with the first 18km mostly downhill. I’m positive I’ll be ready to finish in less than 5 hours to qualify for Comrades. Runners have until 26 April to qualify, so that leaves a number of other qualifying races if anything should go wrong. Up to now things are going according to plan and I’m on track to qualify on 20 March to be one of the 20000 athletes that line up for the 89km journey on 30 May. I'll keep you posted!


Julie said...

Hi Johann,
Wow, you are right about it being a pretty popular race if it was full in four minutes! I hope that you can qualify for your 89km race and share your adventure:) Good luck to you!

ajh said...

Good luck qualifying. That is amazing that all those spots went in 4 minutes.