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Saturday, 26 December 2009

Inspired By A Stranger

There’s this girl I see running often when I run in the morning. I’m always inspired by her guts as she runs with shoes closer to ballet shoes than running shoes and normal clothes…no running or gym type outfits. But she toughs out the road and hills and keep at it day after day.

This morning she was on her way back home so I passed her coming from the front. When I greeted her she actually stopped me saying she wanted to ask me something. Her question: how do I stay motivated and keep on running week after week? Losing weight alone was not motivation enough. She also said that I inspired her and always looked focused and motivated.

I was taken by surprise and didn’t have any great answer. I run because I love it. I suggested that she should by Runner’s World and look for a 5km race to train for. Get a goal to train for and read about running and others with goals and dreams.

I’m sure she’s the kind of girl that will do it. As for me…it’s great to know I inspire strangers just as I’m inspired by strangers all the time. Inspiring someone is one of the greatest gifts of life.

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Christina said...

How cool is that? I'm hopeful that I can be inspiration to a runner or a future runner.