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Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Happy Holidays!

So there I was out on my midweek long run (15.1km) at 05:30 this morning when I realized, hey, this is great! It’s the holiday season and I’m on leave, yet, here I am early in the morning doing what I love…run!

I got this feeling of achievement. It can be difficult to keep up the training during the holidays. Everyone and everything is in a festive mood and plenty of good food is everywhere! Being on leave doesn’t help as sleeping in can be an option every day. But I’ve been good and have been up early as required by my plan. Heck, I’ve even done a 25.5km training run on my own this past weekend and plan another for the holidays! Wow, I last felt this good when I didn’t miss any training through the winter earlier this year.

Yes, I’m enjoying the holidays and I owe a lot of it to running. I realized again this morning how great running makes me feel. Nothing beats starting the day with an early morning run. And what can be better than actually losing weight during the holidays? Well, I have to if I want to qualify and be ready for the 2010 Comrades marathon, but for now I’m just sucking up the joy of running. Happy holidays!

Me back home after my 25.5km run.

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