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Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Keeping it close to home

As I mentioned before I do a lot of my riding in the neighborhoods around my area, always keeping things close to home. During the week all my rides are in the neighborhoods. This is for safety reasons mainly and also in case of an emergency like a fall or a flat or whatever. I don't have much time during the week so if anything happens it helps to be close to home.

On the weekends we like to go on the open roads a bit more although we still include some neighborhoods as well. We still like to keep things close to home for the same reasons as above. I say we as over the weekends Anette usually joins me for riding. 

We are lucky that we live in an area where we have open roads to ride close to home. A few weeks ago I could do my 105km ride without ever being more than 10km from home. This makes doing long rides alone possible and safer.

We have some lovely open roads literally in our back yard. Lots of cyclists enjoy these roads over weekends as everyone tries to stay safe and away from traffic.

Here are some video clips of the open roads around our area...

Keep it going everyone!


Jill said...

You have some beautiful places close to home, so win-win!!

I know I will jinx this next comment by admitting it out-loud, but I have trained for a century and two half Ironmans - and I wrote all over this crazy state - and I have never had a flat tire, except for once when I was riding with a friend who is an avid cyclist and could change it for me. I remember telling my friend just before Boulder Half IM that if I got a flat during the race, I was screwed. Lucky me - no flat. Seriously though, I need to learn how to change a dang tire. #lazy

Karien P. said...