"I'd rather be seen on my bicycle than on a park run" - Quote from the dark side

Thursday, 14 December 2017

It's a mindset

Wow! A year since my last post... give or take a few days! I think the fact that I am still cycling and know I will not run again played a huge part in my lack of interest to blog during the past year. I always ran with my heart and I must still get to that with cycling. I'm not sure how or if I will ever get there. It's a mindset and I'm still a work in progress. But hey, I'm now a cyclist!

I've accepted the fact that I will not run again. My back won't allow this and I'm now fine with it. That is a huge step for me! The passion and love I had for running is not the same yet for cycling and I think this is my main battle currently. I have to accept that I am now officially on the dark side...

I've set myself new goals and I am working towards them in the same way I did with running. It's working and I am definitely more keen to get out there and train than I was some months ago. Again, a mindset, and working towards goals has always worked well for me.

We're in summer and riding is lovely.

Sharing my running life through this blog has always been fun and motivational. I think it's time I start doing that with the cycling now. The stories are getting bigger and better. I might throw in some vlogging between the blogging. I'm still thinking about that, but making videos might be a good addition to the blog. I have some ideas for a vlog. Let's see where it takes me.

For now, take care and be safe out there. Cheers from the bike!


Robin said...

Johann it's awesome that you are still active. Cycling can become your new passion. It looks pretty exciting to me actually. Some of your rides look great and it's nice that you can enjoy some of them with your wife as well!! Look forward to following along.

Anonymous said...

Hey Johann,

I know personally how difficult it is to give up the running world - it was part of who you were and it's like losing part of you. It's hard. And cycling just doesn't bring the endorphin rush that running does for me....but I think in time, you will get there! I know so many friends who were once big runners who no longer can run turn to cycling and are finding joy - you will too. Big things ahead for you in 2018 - I know it.

Miss you and glad you're back to blogging. I've thought about it...may be an end of the year post. Or maybe not.

Happy Holidays to you and Anette!

- Jill

Giorgio said...

Great to hear you are enjoying cycling paths and beginning to run a vlog. Of course, we can still continue to share our experiences about the two wheels, although it wasn't easy to give up running.

I look forward to reading your cycling challenges.