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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Quick Update

Hi Everyone!

I've been a bit MIA but life just caught up with me and here we are at the end of November already! I can't believe how the year has flown by...

I don't have much to report on which is probably another reason for not blogging that much.

Anette and I did a race at the beginning of the month. I forgot to take the camera! It was a very hard and very windy race but we did it and got this medal to show for it...

Anette had a little crash during one of our training rides a few weeks back. Luckily nothing serious but some scrapes and bruises to show for it. She says her ego is bruised more than her body.

I pulled my right calf muscle a month or two ago and it was really painful. Walking was almost impossible at some stage. I could cycle without much pain though. Last week was the first time I felt that it healed well. That was until Monday when I stepped funny going down some stairs and I pulled the muscle again. The injury is back just as it was originally. Bummer!

It is not torn but badly bruised in the same way and place a tear would occur.

Exactly like this...

That's it from me! We have a race this weekend and I will do my best to remember the camera...

Happy training everyone and be safe out there!

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