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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

GUTR Sweat Band Review

I've always sweat a lot when running and also now when cycling. Yes, runners, cyclists sweat too...

I always have a big problem with sweat running into my eyes. This was fairly easy to handle while running, using my trustee buff or even a t-shirt to wipe my eyes. Rinsing out with water was also easy on the run. Not so easy while cycling...

Sunglasses is the first problem when cycling and sweat runs into my eyes. That is long before I try to stay upright and alive while wiping my eyes. Rinsing is also not so easy and probably not recommended while riding.

Experiencing all these problems on a daily basis made me search the web for proper sweat bands. There are some nice goodies on the market with the GUTR and HALO standing out as great cycling sweatbands.

I found the GUTR locally and decided to give it a try. It is amazing! No sweaty eyes anymore! It uses a very basic concept to get rid of the problem.

The GUTR is a silicon sweatband which also means it never gets soaked in sweat. No soggy sweatband anymore. It simply directs the sweat away from your eyes. It has a little lip that acts as a gutter and the sweat just flows away and down the side of your face. It really works wonders for me!

If you have a sweat in the eyes problem I highly recommend the GUTR sweatband. It is worth every cent I paid for it.

Me with my magic GUTR sweatband.

Happy training everyone!


The Green Girl said...

Nice! I have the same issue - plus I hate hair in my eyes - so I waer a Bondi Band headband for all my workouts. It fits perfectly under my running hat and cycling helmet, too.

Mark said...

Awesome! Can't wait to try one!

Karien P. said...

Interesting...! I'll definitely tell Will about it!

Robin said...

Well that's cool! I always wear a hat for that reason...nice to know there's an alternative. Do you find it gives you a headache (too tight) or anything?