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Monday, 2 November 2015

Protea Cycle Challenge

Yesterday Anette and I rode the Protea Cycle Challenge as part of our last training for the 94.7 Challenge on 15 November. It was a very hot, windy and hard ride with the temperature reaching 35°C (95F) by the time we finished.

I battled with a very bad stomach bug last week and I think most doctors would have told me not to ride the race but I did feel up to the 40km ride. I am so glad we didn't enter the 80km event. Anette got some bad sunburn the day before which didn't help her either.

Almost ready for the next adventure.

The race was held at the Midvaal Raceway in Meyerton and as usual the organisers put on a good event for everyone.

The start was on time and even at 8:00 in the morning we were looking for the shade.

Waiting for the start.

I enjoy riding here as the route takes you out into the rural farm areas which is a great getaway from our daily city lives. It is an out and back race with the turnaround at halfway.

On our way!

Nice rural and farm area to ride through.

We went out feeling great and I was happy that I didn't feel any bad effects from the stomach bug. It was just very warm right from the start. I was sweating a lot and drank more than usual.

The first half felt quick and easy. I got to the turnaround feeling much better than I thought I might and was really happy about this. When Anette arrived she told me she was not feeling very well and was really nauseous. The effects of being in the very hot sun the day before and the high temperature of the day was not good for her.

Water point at halfway. The heat was really bad.

It was very hot now and the ride back was also against a very strong wind. We were in for a tough time but took it all as good, long training.

Needless to say the ride back was a lot slower with the sun and wind punishing us all the way. This horse had the right idea by standing in the shade instead of being out in the road...

Horse in the shade.

Anette toughing it out.

I was so glad we didn't enter the 80km event. A lot of people must have really struggled on that. We had the wind in our faces for 20km and I'm sure the 80km riders had the same for 40km.

Never ending road...

An ostrich enjoying the sun... ironic?

There is no shade anywhere on the road and the only thing to do was to tough it out back to the finish. I'm sure Anette was more than happy when we finally got there. She was not feeling good at all and the sun was relentless.

Warm and dry.

The finish at last!

All in all it was a good race and it most certainly made us stronger. We now have two weeks to taper for the 94.7 challenge on 15 November. I think we are definitely ready for that.

Route profile.

My 4th cycling medal.

Have a great week everyone!


Robin said...

Way to tough it out, both of you. Can feel the heat from here! Yikes it sure does look hot!

Kate Geisen said...

I really struggle in the heat, too. And wind AND no shade...that's a rough day. Way to stick it out! It'll definitely make you stronger later. Exciting that your challenge is coming so soon!

Char said...

There was pretty much no shade to escape to in those pictures. I hate the heat. I hate summer. You both did an amazing job finishing. Two tough athletes!

Karien P. said...

Well done on completing a tough race! We also had a horribly hot week last week...

Will will also be doing the 94.7 on the 15th - good luck!

coach dion said...

I did my first training ride for Argus this last weekend but I was riding at 06:15 and had the wind behind me coming home... it wasn't hard at all... I guess I was lucky.
I've heard it was hot up there, glade you guys didn't melt!