"I'd rather be seen on my bicycle than on a park run" - Quote from the dark side

Friday, 6 November 2015

Long Slow Distance (LSD)

I've written about LSD before but with the cycling we are doing lately I should mention it again. It is awesome and I love it!

Being naturally slow helps but LSD training definitely makes you strong. It is not only the body that benefits, but also the mind. I must admit that even though a LSD run is much harder on the body, a LSD cycle is harder for me because it is much harder on the mind. That's my experience anyway. It is good for sure because the mind needs to be strong for any event.

We've been doing regular LSD rides over the weekends and I can feel the benefits clearly. Sitting on the bike for many hours needs practice. This is necessary for the bum and also for the hands and arms.

LSD rides and runs prepare and condition your body not only for long races but also for continues training. It does this with a very low risk of injury. Very importantly, it also conditions the mind.

It is also the best way to experiment with gear and food and drinks. Time is no concern so you can focus on other aspects of your running or cycling.

The goal should be to run or cycle a planned distance and spend as long as possible out there.  Sit on the bike as long as possible or stay on your feet for as long as possible. That is LSD. I am an addict.

It's Friday so get out there this weekend and do some great LSD's!

Happy training everyone!


Char said...

LSD rides are generally a fair bit longer than runs. My brother in law would often go out for 6 hours on the weekend for his. That's half the day gone.

Karien P. said...

I must confess that I'm not a big lover of LSD - I love the short, varying stuff :) . But, as you say, LSD is so necessary!

coach dion said...

Two weeks in a row now I have headed out for a 50km ride... that's long for me on the bike, it's easier for me to spend 2 hours running!

Robin said...

LSD benefit in all distance sports I'm guessing. Nice work on the bike Johann (you and Annette)