"I'd rather be seen on my bicycle than on a park run" - Quote from the dark side

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Summer Running

This past Saturday I ran my first real warm run after this year’s winter. It was a trail run and I certainly felt the heat. The temperature was far from a hot summer’s day level but I am definitely not used to the warmer temperatures anymore.

I realized again how hard summer running can be. In general I prefer the cold over the heat and when it comes to running it is exactly the same. I would run in the cold any time before I run in the heat.

Green thorn trees.

Looking at the trail and the surrounding area, I realized how tough nature is to survive all the elements thrown at it. It is very dry here at the moment but still nature is pushing on and surviving. It was almost as if it was giving me a message to remind me I need to toughen up if I want to survive the summer running that is coming up.

Very dry here at the moment.

I know from experience how important heat training is. If I want to run races in the heat I have to train in the heat. I need to get my body and mind used to the high temperatures and the harshness of summer running. 

This is even more important for trail running than road running. You need to prepare for the heat on the road as well, but on the trails there are no frequent water points with water to pour over your head or even someone spraying you with water. Heat on the trails can get very hard to deal with.

Looking at the animals and plants on my run I realized how they adapt and survive. It is dry and hot now, but they are still doing very well. I saw a Springbok ewe with her twin lambs and this made me smile. The elements are not getting them down. They simply get on with the day.

Springbok ewe with two lambs right and three Wildebeest left.

The Porcupines are around as well.

I brought a lesson back from the trails on Saturday. There’s only one thing to do for the summer races coming up…adapt and push through. Hard, warm training runs with proper hydration and recovery is the only way to get ready for summer running.

There are no short cuts. Just do it!


Michael said...

I find it so odd sometimes that our season are opposite. We are finally heading in to fall and leaving those, hot, hot summer runs behind us. You are totally right though, if you want to race in the summer at all you have to get out there and acclimate. Have fun :0

One Crazy Penguin said...

What a great and reflective post. I need to channel this and adopt this more often instead of complaining as much as I do!

Kate Geisen said...

Like Michael, I always get a kick out of our opposite seasons. That said, my Friday run was way too hot for me to feel good. 85F seems like a sauna now!

Colin Hayes said...

It's nice that you have the opportunity to enjoy that kind of beauty! And I understand and agree with your comments about running in the heat. I'm a TERRIBLE heat runner. But I know I can do some things to adapt. It sounds like you've figured that out, too. With that said, I also much prefer the cooler temps for running.

Char said...

We've already started to have some of those really hot runs. Our humidity makes it pretty unbearable but taking a shower afterwards is the best!

ajh said...

I agree with Michael. It seems odd how our seasons are the opposite. I am loving fall and look forward to winter as well except for the loss of biking. You will adapt to the heat.

Jill said...

It looks about as dry there as it dis in Colorado (no humidity - yay). I'm absolutely hate snow and being cold and running (and driving) in that stuff, but I have to say I can't ever acclimate to the heat well no matter how much I try (good thing in CO is that you can get up at the crack of dawn and beat the heat :)).

Right now, it's perfect 55 degree days in Colorado...ah, the calm before the wintery storm.

Enjoy those trails, Johann!

Amy said...

I'll never stop being surprised each year that when we are moving into cold, you and Char are moving into warm! I loved running on warm summer days, but you are totally right that you have to adjust to it to be able to do it. Enjoy your summer!

Robin said...

Gorgeous area! Loved this post.

KovasP said...

I'm the opposite - I'll take heat over cold any day, at least for running.

ajh said...

Criminal Minds is a HUGE favorite of mine.