Over training is over rated, rest better so that you can train even more" - Nick Yster Bester

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Three Things Thursday

Alyssa from Diary of an Average Runner sent me a whole lot of GU just because she wanted to do so! Thank you so much Alyssa! She also included a sweatband and some information cards for the San Francisco Marathon that shows the route as well...tempting indeed… GU is really expensive here in SA so that is a wonderful gift to receive.

Spiral is doing fine with his broken leg although he did eat his cast and it had to be replaced. He also had to wear a cone on his neck to stop him from eating the second cast too. Good news is that he is at the vet as I’m typing this for an x-ray to see if they might remove the cast today. Let’s hold thumbs for that one!

With running I am currently in the process of deciding on and reviewing my main 2012 goals. Training is going well but I need to get my plan for goal no1, the Pikes Peak Marathon, in place. My original goals include the Comrades Marathon on 3 June, but preparing for that might leave me with too little trail and mountain runs and too many road runs. So I am looking into my Pikes Peak training deeper to see what my options are. Pikes Peak remains my main 2012 goal and yes, I will skip Comrades to prepare properly for it if needed.

That’s all for now! Thanks for reading!

Keep it going!


Michael said...

Let's hold thumbs - I've never heard that before - I'm guessing maybe it means the same thing as fingers crossed??

Poor puppy dog. I hope he gets his cast off.

I had a co-worker do Pike's Peak a few years ago. It's a tough one for sure! Good luck with your training fo that one. Lots of hills!!

Laura said...

Hoping the pup heals up fast!
That picture looks daunting let alone actually run on it! Holy....

Jill said...

Hey Johann,
Major score on the GU, that will come in handy for PP :). Speaking of PP, we should chat before registration next week to see what the plan is. That pictures makes me smile!!

Hope your dog is all healed and the cast can come off. Poor thing having to wear the cone....but he sure looks cute in it :).

The magazines arrived on Monday - THANKS! Can't wait to dive into them, thanks for sending. FUN!

I'll email you this week about PP.

Emz said...


Comrades is approaching -- AWESOME!!!!!!!!! PIKES PEAK - maybe even awesome-R!!

Robin said...

Poor puppy and his cone.... Hope he's all better soon. Nice gift you received! Good luck with the training planning...

misszippy said...

He ate his cast! Dogs are such funny creatures. I'm glad he is healing well.

Pikes Peak will be so much fun for you. Good luck with the training.

Marlene said...

What a nice gift from Alyssa!

Keeping fingers crossed that the cast came off today.

Paul said...

What channels can Spiral pick up on that thing? 8)

PP training...hmm.

1) get a treadmill
2) put a huge log under the front
3) run 4 hours
4) put the log under the back
5) run 4 hours

6) rinse, lather, repeat

Any questions?

Mike said...

Spiral looks like a happy dog even with his cone.

Ewa said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for Spiral. Now you, please keep your fingers crossed that I get my training mojo back. It's not been easy...
That PP pic is darn scary.

Liz said...

He ate the cast??! Was his stomach ok afterwards??! Good luck with your training!

Giorgio said...

What a beautiful gift!
I hope your dog will be well soon!

Pikes Peak seems a great goal! Have a nice training!

Char said...

Of course he ate his cast. Don't all dogs. Pity the Elizabethan collar has to go - he looked quite fetching in it.

Molly said...

Oh, Frank had to wear the cone of shame too once, he kept licking his stitches. Hope Spiral gets the cast off!

I found out that GU now has peanut butter flavor, I need to start the search for it! What a nice gift!

On the Right Track said...

that pic of your dog reminded all 3 of my boys of the movie "UP"...you are now their favorite blogger!!!

PP looks tatally wicked...but awesome at the same time! good Luck with it. "Let's hold thumbs"??? Tell me about the meaning of that...


Thomas Bussiere said...

He must have a Cast-Iron stomach!

PP - What an awesome race.

Teamarcia said...

Spiral is so cute, even in the crazy collar. Glad the healing is going well.
Score on the GU. How nice of Alyssa!

Black Knight said...

I have found something worse than the dreadmill: the cone! I hope that Spiral gets well soon.
Alyssa is very kind.