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Thursday, 8 December 2011

21 Random Things About Me

AJH at Age Groups Rock did a 21 Random Things About Me post a while back and I thought it a good idea to do the same. So here are 21 random things about me.

1. I am a very big stats fanatic.
2. I’m seen as quite the nerd.
3. I have very green fingers, everything I touch grow out of control.
4. I drink a lot of coffee.
5. I don’t drink tea at all…never!
6. Although I live in Johannesburg, I’m stopped very often on my way to work for cattle crossing the road. I love it!
7. I breed tropical fish and have literally hundreds of baby fish at home.
8. I love chocolate cake and sometimes bake my own for carbo loading before an important race.
9. I love chocolate milk and use it as my recovery drink.
10. Living in Africa is special for me.
11. I don’t like eating out and can easily skip restaurants for ever.
12. I love nature and being outdoors makes me very happy.
13. I love swimming but hate cycling so I stick to running.
14. I have completed 4 triathlons including one half iron man.
15. I accidently peed on a wild leopard once – true story!
16. The radio in my car has never been used although I use the CD player sometimes.
17. I finished my first cross country race with a broken arm.
18. I ran my second cross country race with my arm in a cast.
19. I’m the youngest of 4 children.
20. I don’t need much sleep and get by with 4.5 hours a day comfortably.
21. My best time for a marathon is 3:48.

Thanks for reading and happy running everyone!


Giorgio said...

Nice post Johann!
I always eat chocolate and cakes before a race ... but how could I have breakfast without tea? :)

Since I've read running blogs I've seen that there is a relationship between runners and landscape: I agree with you about nature, environment, running, swimming and being outdoors. I've never been to Africa but I'm sure it is a special part of the world.

Cattles, sheeps and lambs sometimes cross the road while I'm driving or running. I love it too!

Happy running to you too!

Karien P. said...

Love No. 10 :) !

Unknown said...

#15 needs an explanation. How does one accidentally pee on a wild leopard?

Liz said...

Interesting stuff. Why don't you like restaurants? How fantastic to need so little sleep - you must have plenty of spare time!

Ewa said...

Leopard story, please!

I think I need to invite you over to help with my garden and bake a chocolate cake for me. And since I do not like eating out, I will make a dinner for you. How is that? And of course you know how much I like nature, so count on some awesome hikes.

These days I don't sleep much either but lack of sleep turns me into a monster.

Coffee is one of my best friends. :-)

Love your list.

Mark said...

I liked this post! I like chocolate milk, too.

abbi said...

Hmm..number 15...must be an interesting story!

HappyTrails said...

More #15 LOL! Nice list Johann :)

Laura said...

Very cool read! Thanks for sharing.

Christi said...

I want to know how you can pee on a leopard!

Robin said...

Very interesting/informative post! You'll have to fill us in on the peeing on the leopard story though!

Marlene said...

4.5 hours of sleep? I would be a wreck!

I'd love to see a photo of your fish!

misszippy said...

Holy cow--how do you subsist on that little sleep?! I wish I could do that. And you must spill the story about the leopard!

KovasP said...

"peed on a wild leopard once" - probably distracted by chocolate cake?

Kate Geisen said...

This is a really cool list. The leopard thing definitely needs expanded on, though!! I learned a lot about you.

Anonymous said...

Wow...how does # 20 work?

The Green Girl said...

Loved this, Johann.

That's awesome that you don't eat out. I eat out almost 365 days a year.

I can't believe you raced with a broken arm!

Indi said...

Peed on a wild leapord...is there any other kind :)
And ummm 4,5hrs of sleep! Yeah, I'd be useless!

Unknown said...

You have something in common with Dean Karnazes! I guess he only sleeps about 4 hours a day too. :)

Just curious about what the leopard did after getting peed on. Ha!

Running with a cast or a broken arm, no cast, is pretty determined!

Unknown said...

When you come to OR, we will take you to the tunnel cave. :)

Char said...

Was the leopard angry that you'd peed on him?And did you have to run away real fast? The only thing I've ever peed on accidentally is my shoes.

Jill said...

I guess I won't be taking you out for dinner when you come to Colorado, eh? We do have lots of great outdoor thing for you, though! :)

Very fun to read, thanks Johann!

Andrew Opala said...

how the heck did you accidentally pee on a leopard?

Jennifer said...

I love cooking so if you ever get to Mississippi we'll be eating home! Nice marathon time, fast. And you are so hard core running with broken arms and such!

Abby @ Have Dental Floss, Will Travel said...

Yeah, I really want to hear the leopard story, too!

My husband has spent time in Botswana and Kenya, and his stories of his short time living in Africa are pretty amazing. I'd love to visit.

Lindsay said...

I like the idea of eating out and ease of not-cooking or doing dishes, but restaurants don't have the options that I'd want to eat! We don't have many organic-type places where you know you're getting a quality meal.

#15 is quite interesting! We need to know the story behind that :)

Lauren said...

Thanks for sharing Johann. All very interesting facts about you. Which of course means you are a very interesting person (esp. like the leopard fact and the fish fact). And I have always liked nerds. We are so much alike and so very different at the same time. Pretty cool. Thanks again for opening yourself up to the world and letting us know these things. : )

ultra collie said...

funnily enough i once read a similar list written by a white leopard. at number 15 it wrote
' once got peed on by a geeky tall chocolate cake-eating runner from jo'burg'

ajh said...

Love stats!
With you on the coffee too.
Living in Africa works for you as Vermont does for me.
I didn't know you had done triathlons!
Okay you need to tell more about the wild leopard and the pee!
I need much much more sleep than that!

Fun to read this!

Molly said...

I love the idea of cake as carbo loading!

Black Knight said...

A beautiful list. I like this kind of posts because they help to know better each other.
The wild leopard now knows who rules!!!!!