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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

What is your favorite type of race?

People often ask me this and I usually answer a trail ultra without really thinking about it. I suppose if I have to choose one race to do it would be a trail ultra, but there are other favorites on my list as well.

In order of most favorite to least favorite my list looks like this:

1 - Trail Ultra
There is nothing in running that beats the feeling of completing an ultra. As a nature lover I am in heaven if I can combine the ultra with being out there on the mountains or in the bush. This is really what I live for. Stage races over multi days also fall in this category.

2 - Trail following the coastline
I have done a few coastal trail runs now and I must admit they are easily in second place on my list. I love the ocean but it is also the thrill of rock hopping and climbing that make it so exciting for me. Obviously these runs always include some awesome scenery as well.

3 - Trail race shorter than ultra
These are next for the beauty and experience of nature and all there is to see and experience. The views, water crossings and waterfalls are just so amazing!

4 - Circuit race (lap race)
I love the mental challenge of circuit races. These are not races on athletic tracks but usually a 1km lap inside some school or club grounds. Races like these are usually 12 hours or more with 24 hours the most common. The vibe around these races combined with the physical and mental challenge put them next on my list.

5 - Road ultra
I love running and still love road running too. I train on the road at least 4 times per week. Road ultras are next because of the challenge and the unbelievable feeling of accomplishment when finishing these.

6 - Road marathon
Marathons will always be special but I’ve run so many (126) that I don’t have anything more to achieve here. I will run more for sure but there are other goals to achieve first.

7 - Other road
Last but not least is any road race shorter than the marathon. I think 32km (20 miles) is my favorite non-ultra distance on the road. I enjoy races but as with marathons there is nothing specific too still achieve here. There are some great races on my todo list and I will always run road races where possible and where it fits into my program.

There you have it…my race favorites list.

What does yours look like?


Michael said...

Gee I wonder if you like ultra running? I couldn't tell by your post lol.

I wish I could come run one of those beautiful trail races your way some time..esp along the water. Maybe someday.

Kovas Palubinskas said...

I have never done one, but a stage race is something I'd love to try!

Robin said...

Love all the options you have and the beautiful places you get to run! Can't blame you on your choices at all! Can't wait to join you as as I become a trail ultra runner myself in May!

Char said...

So I guess a trail ultra along the coastline would be your idea of heaven.

Kate Geisen said...

Adventure races are by far my favorite type of race. As for the rest, it's hard to choose. I love both gravel and mountain bike races, though gravel is a hair less stressful for me. Road biking races are my least favorite.

For running, trail races win by far...distance isn't so important. Road races come after trail.

coach dion said...

Have you ever run track? the 1500m or mile are amazing, and I keep saying I must get back to the track and run a couple more.

I also love the mountain marathon!

coach dion said...

Have you ever run track? the 1500m or mile are amazing, and I keep saying I must get back to the track and run a couple more.

I also love the mountain marathon!

Anonymous said...

10k road race seems to be my race. Preferably one with bagels and chocolate milk at the end.

ajh said...

The stage race is not appealing to me at all. I love scenic races and shorter races than you! My favorite distance is the 10 miler although there aren't a lot of those. I do like half marathons but I think I'm done with marathons. My favorite at this stage of the game is triathlons for sure. We are quite different but still good running friends!

Giorgio said...

126 road Marathons! That's a great achievement! Beautiful pictures of you close to the beautiful landscapes. Love the picture of the water crossings! I've heard of small wooden bridges along the running path but not of floating bridge :) Really fantastic!

The race I like the most is Half Marathon.

Have you got some information about the international running flag? Is it in Europe yet?
Please, let me know what you think.

Have a nice weekend!

a runner said...

Trail or cross-country...shorter than your preference :) Love these pictures!

Tertius Steyn said...

Johann, please post some info of where to find those circuit races. It looks like fun.

Chad Aaron Sayban said...

Great list and I love the blog! Haven't done a trail ultra yet, so I will have to reserve judgment until then.

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

This is a fun look at all of the different types of races you've run!

Jill said...

You've done so many cool races, Johann. I haven't done quite as many but as I've aged, I find that I can't run as fast as I used to and the road races don't do as much for me as they used to. The challenge now is the ultra trail races. I just wish the trails were out my backdoor to train (an hour usually each way. Not horrible, but not ideal with a job).

I've never done a stage race but would love to. And a lap race. I have a friend doing a 50k 1-mile lap race this weekend....I'm kinda jealous!

Hoping your year is going great so far, Johann. Excited for what it will bring you!