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Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Goals and Race Plan for 2011

The end of 2010 is fast approaching and many of you have already posted your plans for 2011. I always have numerous running goals for at least the next three years, but I still plan each year in detail when we get to December. I have some main goals each year and then some smaller goals and milestones to help me reach my main goals.

In South Africa we are fortunate to have the “Nedbank Runner’s Guide To Road Races and Off-road Races” that is published each year to help with race planning.

This is a 480 page gem that I live my life with every year. It contains details of all the races in the country with dates, start times, route descriptions and route profiles where available.

You can also visit www.runnersguide.co.za for tons of info about races in South Africa.

My goals and races for 2011 are:

Main goals in RED.
Odyssey Ultra (90km) – 8 January
Pick ‘n Pay Marathon – 13 February
Pirates Half Marathon – 20 February

Vaal Marathon – 6 March

Kosmos 3 in 1 (73.3km) – 12 March

Om-Die-Dam 50km – 19 March

Jackie Gibson Marathon – 27 March

RAC Long Run (60km) – 3 April

Callies Comrades Legends 32km – 10 April

Loskop 50km – 16 April

Easter 100km – 22, 23, 24 April

Colgate 32km – 1 May

Jackie Mekler 25km – 7 May

Randburg Harriers Half Marathon – 8 May

Comrades Marathon (90km) – 29 May

Race for Faith 15km – 11 June

Big Five Marathon – 25 June

Northgate 10km – 3 July

Asics Vaal Trail Run (21km) – 10 July

Springbok Vasbyt (25km) – 16 July

Mercury 10km – 24 July

Rustenburg Mountain Race (25km) – 30 July

Alberton Rietvlei 15km Trail Race – 7 August

Silver Star 100 Miler – 12 August

Joe Stutzen Half Marathon – 27 August

Botshabelo Challenge (21.1km) – 3 September

Mont-Aux-Sources 50km Challenge – 10 September

Vlakvark Half Marathon Trail Run – 24 September

Thule 4 Peaks Mountain Challenge – 1 October

BASF Mittal 32km – 15 October

Nedbank (NRCVT) 100km Circuit Race – 22 October

Agape 32km – 5 November

Warmbad Marathon – 12 November

Paul Ras Half Marathon – 20 November

Sani Stagger Marathon – 26 November

I know this is a very ambitious list, but I’m confident and aiming to do all of these as far as life allows. The other major goal that goes with this is another injury free year.

Happy 2011 running everyone!


Anonymous said...

That Runners' Guide looks terrific! I look forward to following you next year- you've got some great events lined up. Good luck!

Karen said...

What a great reference book! That must require quite the advance planning for all the race directors. Looks like you are going to have a busy 2011. Can't wait to hear all about it :)

abbi said...

Wow, what a list. Have an excellent 2011. I'll enjoy reading all about it!

Bethany + Ryan said...

Dam, Johann! Now that's what i call a list of races!! wow! how fun and exciting! I think we're all jealous of your race calendar! how neat you have that book to look at. I can't wait to see your pictures from Comrades, I must convince Ryan to go to SA and run it with me!! Happy new year!

Natalia said...

Terrific list! Perhaps we can try and organize to do a race together next time I am in SA. That is quite a useful guide....I have no doubt you will do all of those exciting races and remain injury-free.
Mooi loop en gelukkige Nuwe Jaar!

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

That book looks like it would be really neat. Wow - what a list! And I thought I was a racer....

I look forward to following you exciting 2011 journey.

Amy said...

Wow, that is an impressive list of races on your plan!

Jason said...

Johann -- you are the man. Holy Races Batman but I love the ambition and drive.

I can't wait to read all these race reports and hear hear to an injury free 2011.

Nathan said...

What a great book!

Wow. You really race a lot!! That's fantastic that you have so many to choose from.

Now I am feeling a little unprganized. I don't have anything on the books until April- and haven't thought past that. Haha.

Guess I better get to work =D

KovasP said...

That's a neat book, hard to imagine something similar in the U.S., maybe on a state by state basis. Really looking forward to the Odyssey Ultra, maybe the coolest race I've read about in a long time! Enjoy that ambitious year.

Molly said...

amazing list! I've got to get moving on mine. Here's to staying injury free in 2011!!

RunKathyRun said...

That is an impressive racing schedule. I love the book as well; what a great resource for runners.

LMC said...

That's an impressive race list! I've no doubt you'll meet your goals and I look forward to reading all of your reports! Happy 2011 running to you too!

Giorgio said...

You've planned to run five races in July, Johann! That's great!

The Runner’s Guide is really useful. I don't understand why there isn't that useful tool in Italy. The most important race are in the internet without route descriptions and route profiles.

Indi said...

What an amazing list!!! If I could get myself to do half..nay a quarter of that, I'd be thrilled. Happy New Year and may it be filled with love, laughter and many, many wonderful miles of running!!

DRog said...

Incredible Guide and What a schedule! I like your thinking:)

Char said...

What a daunting schedule. I'm so impressed with the number of races you have available to you. SA must be a runner's paradise.

Unknown said...

Wow Johann!! No doubt you will be busy busy busy. I wish we had a Runner's Guide similar to yours in the States! Can't wait to read all about your 2011 experiences. Happy New Year! :-)

Detroit Runner(Jeff) said...

That book is awesome. I wish someone would publish this in the US.

ajh said...

Amazing amount of races! Stay injury free!

Jill said...

I can't wait to follow your journey in 2011!!! You are truly incredible and I wish my heel would allow me to do half of what you're doing! Hope you'll wear your green shirt for much of it!! :)

Alyssa said...

My goodness! I kept scrolling and scrolling and scrolling down on my page, and your race list just kept growing and growing and GROWING! Very impressive! Can't wait to read allllll about your exciting running life. And I also must admit, I'm a bit jealous of your Trail Running Bible! I've never seen anything like that! i would probably use that book as a pillow, I'd be so in love with it. :)

Here's to a great new year. Cheers!

Chris K said...

You are a Madman Johann. Man, all of those races are sure to produce some amazing pictures. You should upload your race pics to Snapfish.com and create a bound photo album. You can create one per year. Just a thought.

Adrienne said...

Holy Schnikes! That is quite the running plan. I can see why you need that 480 pg book to plan. You are amazing.

ultra collie said...

wish we had a uk version
that a long race list planned..hope you stay well for them all

Staci said...

Wishing you an injury-free 2011 and great joy in completing all your planned races. Hope we will get to meet in 2011. Happy Holidays!

Mark said...

Awesome, Johann!!! That looks like quite a handy guide! You are always welcome here in Missouri!!

Christi said...

What a great guide! Good luck with 2011!

Lindsay said...

i am pretty sure we do not have anything like this in the US. at least not in s.carolina! that is an extensive list of races for 2011 :)

i like how you try to keep track of where various bloggers are so you can truly get to know different parts of the world! i have a few readers in spain that i should practice my spanish with more often but usually i am "lazy" and use google's translator. :(

i hope you had a wonderful christmas and happy new year!

RunningLaur said...

That's quite the extensive book of races - jealous!
Hope the year is full of fun fun races that you have lined up!

Kate Geisen said...

What a great tool!

I am really looking forward to hearing about your FULL year. If my husband starts to complain about my racing calendar, I'm going to show him this page. :)

wendy said...

Wow! Awesome goals! Happy New Year, Johann

Page said...

Oh man, that book looks fantastic! And WOW...your race schedule is intense but very exciting. Good luck and happy new year!

Scott McMurtrey said...

I want to get back to Durban for an Up run one of these years. I hope I don't wait too long.

Abby @ Have Dental Floss, Wil Travel said...

You've got a full schedule there! I'll look forward to following along :)

Christina said...

That's cool there is an actual race book. I would assume its the longer, bigger races and not 5k's?

Happy New Year!

Black Knight said...

Very useful guide, we get the news by Runner's World or the web.
A full schedule, good luck on your goals.

The Green Girl said...

That's so cool they publish an official book - wow!

I am so impressed by your racing schedule.

And, thank you so much for opening your heart and helping spread awareness for Angelman Syndrome. I'm so glad to have met a kindred spirit like you.