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Monday, 2 November 2009

2010 Comrades Entries reach 20000!

I’m quite shocked, as I think most people are that the entries for novice runners for the 2010 Comrades marathon already closed with 5000 entries. This is after just one and a half days! Entries opened on 1 November at 09:00 and closed at 14:00 on 2 November. This is truly amazing!

There must be lots of very disappointed runners out there. I’m not sure how the CMA (Comrades Marathon Association) will handle this. What about the people that can’t enter online? Surely they have to cater for this in some way. Maybe if you mailed an entry on 2 November you’ll be accepted…? Anyway I’m just glad I got my entry in and confirmed as processed. I doubt that the CMA ever expected such a huge response. This is surely going to be a great event and I’m very happy that I’ll be part of it!


Tanvir Kazmi said...

I am relieved I got in in time on Nov 1st itself. Cant imagine what would have happened if I delayed the decision just that little bit more.

Anonymous said...

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