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Thursday 22 February 2018

Dischem Ride For Sight - Feeling More Motivated

Last Sunday Anette and I rode the Dischem Ride For Sight race at Boksburg Stadium. This is quite a popular race with 1640 riders finishing the 62km event and 2504 riders finishing the 116km event. We opted for the 62km as we did not feel 100% ready for the longer race.

There was a hive of activity before the start as riders made their way to the different loading pens before moving to the start. Even though it looked a bit chaotic, the organisation was actually very good and everything went smoothly.

Anette in good spirit before the start.

We started in batches of plus minus 350 riders and the road was fine to handle these numbers easily. I am getting used to riding with and close to other riders. It took me some time to feel comfortable with this.

Waiting at the start.

On our way!

The race went very well and I was glad I took the shorter option. This meant I could ride a little faster and get more confidence between other riders on the road.

The first half of the race was fast with lots of downhill riding. Even though this makes things fairly easy you still need to be careful not to go out too fast and concentrate on pacing. I was a master at pacing with running, but I am still learning how to pace myself properly while cycling. I think I did well pacing myself for this race.


All in all the race was good and I felt excellent the whole way. I definitely have a long way to go still with the cycling. I have to work extra hard on my climbing and with that also get rid of lots of extra weight. No skipping of training rides for me...

Nice, positive experience race.

I need to work on my climbing.

The race was good for my motivation as well. That is part of the reason I did the 62km and not the 116km. I needed a hassle free race where I finish feeling great with only positives to take home. I got exactly that and it lifted my cycling motivation a lot.

Finish line in sight!

This was my 20th cycle race finish. I had a few DNF's due to punctures but the 20 finishes probably means the next target is 50. This is nothing compared to my nearly 1400 race finishes when I was running, but that is just it; I always though it would be nothing for cycling... nothing as in zero. Now it is 20 and that is good.

It is great to be more motivated to cycle and now that I have some number on the board I will work more positively to achieve my goals.

Anette was also in good spirit after her race.

Happy training & racing everyone! Be safe out there!


Giorgio said...

Glad to see you're enjoying the bicycle, and getting a lot of cycling motivation. Good luck on your goals

Lindsay said...

Johann! Trying to get in touch with you :) would love to meet up & catch up! - Lindsay “chasing the Kenyans”