"I'd rather be seen on my bicycle than on a park run" - Quote from the dark side

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Summer Cold

It seems I jinxed myself with my previous post about my training going forward. Just the day after writing it I started feeling the first symptoms of a cold or flu. 

We are nearing the middle of summer but trust me to get something like this just as my training finally comes right... Frustration is the word that comes to mind. 

Anyway, my plan still remains the same. Everything will just be a week or two later than originally planned. Let's hope this is really the last setback.

Happy training!

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

I have a plan!

My training is slowly but surely coming along and after the past two years of really not much I am happy to actually have a plan again!

With all the injuries and mishaps I've been through, there was no real plan on the cards. The 94.7 cycle race was it and now that it is done and a new year is lurking I feel confident again to take up some challenges.

The main goal for 2016 will be to run some races again. But I am making a change. I will keep on cycling and do cycle races as well. The cycling is definitely helping me to build up strength for the running. The best news is I haven't felt anything from the stress fractures again! Big yay!!!

My plan for now is to run 3 times per week and cycle 4 times per week. This currently gives me 7 good workouts a week without too much stress on the body. The distances are too short for stress on the body yet... :) 

I will keep this up while preparing for my next cycling goal. A 116km race on 14 February. Once I've done this I will switch to running 4 times per week and cycling 3 times per week. This will continue until I run a 10km race probably early in March or maybe end of Feb.

From here I will build up distances and aim for longer races to run and also get myself back on the trails. I want to get on the trails with running and biking.

There are plenty goals to work for. For now I won't be too specific. What I will do is alternate the 3 and 4 days per week between running and cycling while continuing with 7 workouts per week. I will do this for which ever type race I am training for next and 3 of the other to keep the balance.

Later next year I will also try some Dual X off-road events. Trailrun - Mountain Bike - Trailrun. This is new to me and something exciting to look forward to.

For now I am just happy that I can train regularly again and I'm doing it without any pains or strains. It is awesome to look forward to the challenges ahead. It is awesome to be able to set goals with confidence again. I am happy!

Thanks for reading! Happy training!